Worksheet on Money

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on money. This sheet provides different types of questions where students need to express the amount of money in short form and long form; writing the amounts of money in figures and words; writing the amounts of money using decimal points; conversion of money from rupees to paisa and from paisa to rupees.

1. Express the following amount of money in short form:

(i) 35 rupees 25 paisa

(ii) 45 paisa

(iii) 75 paisa

(iv) 25 paisa

(v) 17 rupees 15 paisa

(vi) 25 rupees 5 paisa

(vii) 50 rupees 85 paisa

(viii) 107 rupees 7 paisa

2. Express the following amount of money in long form (Rupees and paisa separately):

(i) Re. 1.00

(ii) Re. 0.37

(iii) Rs. 50.75

(iv) Rs. 15.00

(v) Rs. 11.80

(vi) Rs. 40.15

(vii) Rs. 101.00

(viii) Re. 0.5

3. Write the following amounts of money in figures:

(i) Ten rupees and thirty seven paisa

(ii) Twenty five rupees and four paisa

(iii) Eighty five paisa

(iv) Sixty seven rupees

(v) One rupee and seventy five paisa

4. Write the following amounts of money in words:

(i) Rs. 5.75

(ii) Re. 0.09

(iii) Re. 0.75

(iv) Re. 0.01

(v) Rs. 28.25

5.  Write the following amounts of money using decimal points:

(i) 3 rupees 50 paisa

(ii) 50 rupees 4 paisa

(iii) 9 rupees 80 paisa

(iv) 81 paisa

(v) 1 rupee 5 paisa

(vi) 75 paisa

6. Convert the following amounts into paisa:

(i) Rs. 5.25

(ii) Rs. 5.09

(iii) Rs. 8.10

(iv) Rs. 9.85

(v) Re. 0.35

(vi) Re. 0.95

(vii) Rs. 12.24

(viii) Rs. 78.12

7. Convert the following amounts into rupees:

(i) 945 paisa

(ii) 870 paisa

(iii) 775 paisa

(iv) 705 paisa

(v) 8 paisa

(vi) 38 paisa

(vii) 150 paisa

(viii) 490 paisa

(ix) 78 paisa

(x) 400 paisa

(xi) 1075 paisa

(xii) 3099 paisa


Answers for the worksheet on money are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions based on the basic fact on rupees and paisa.



1. (i) Rs. 35.25

(ii) Re. 0.45 

(iii) Re. 0.75

(iv) Re. 0.25

(v) Rs. 17.15

(vi) Rs. 25.05

(vii) Rs. 50.85

(viii) Rs. 107.07

2. (i) 1 rupee

(ii) 37 paisa

(iii) 50 rupees 75 paisa

(iv) 15 rupees

(v) 11 rupees 80 paisa

(vi) 40 rupees 15 paisa

(vii) 101 rupees

(viii) 50 paisa

3. (i) Rs. 10.37

(ii) Rs. 25.04

(iii) Re. 085

(iv) Rs. 67

(v) Rs. 1.75

4. (i) Five rupees seventy five paisa

(ii) Nine paisa

(iii) Seventy five paisa

(iv) One paisa

(v) Twenty eight rupees twenty five paisa

5. (i) Rs. 3.50

(ii) Rs. 50.04

(iii) Rs. 9.80

(iv) Re. 0.81

(v) Rs. 1.05

(vi) Re. 0.75

6. (i) 525 paisa

(ii) 509 paisa

(iii) 810 paisa

(iv) 985 paisa

(v) 35 paisa

(vi) 95 paisa

(vii) 1224 paisa

(viii) 7812 paisa

7. (i) Rs. 9.45

(ii) Rs. 8.70

(iii) Rs. 7.75

(iv) Rs. 7.05

(v) Re. 0.08

(vi) Re. 0.38

(vii) Rs. 1.50

(viii) Rs. 4.90

(ix) Re. 0.78

(x) Rs. 4.00

(xi) Rs. 10.75

(xii) Rs. 30.99


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