Worksheet on Word Problems on Addition

In 4th grade worksheet on word problems on addition, all grade students can practice the questions on word problems based on addition. This exercise sheet on addition can be practiced by the students to get more ideas to solve the worksheet on word problems on addition.

1. In an examination, 75,236 students passed and 14,892 students failed. Find how many students appeared for the examination. 

2. There are 3,786 men, 3,672 women and 1,508 children in a village. Find the total population of the village. 

3. There are 5,873 male and 6,389 female primary teachers in a city. Find the total number of teachers in the city.

4. In a school there are the following numbers of students: 127 in grade one, 120 in grade two, 110 in grade three, 100 in grade four and 93 in grade five. Find the total number of students in the school.

5. A man plucked 435 mangoes from one tree, 450 mangoes from the second tree and 295 mangoes from the third tree. Find the total number of mangoes plucked from the trees.

6. A school library has 3,730 books in French, 2,531 books in English, and 5,368 books in other languages. How many books are there in library?

7. There are 37,536 bags of wheat, 35,380 bags of rice and 25,240 bags of gram in a store. Find the total number of bags in the store.

8. A school management spent $ 26,756 on teachers pay, $ 325,378 on building construction, $ 5,780 on games and $ 8,235 on other work. Find the total amount spent on different items by the school management.

9. A man plucked 375 apples from one tree, 504 apples from the second tree and 229 apples from the third tree. Find the total number of apples plucked from the trees.

10. A toy factory manufactured 52,253 toys in January, 50,375 toys in February and 608,368 toys in March. How many toys were manufactured in the above mentioned months in total?

11. Mr. Jones goes to the shop to buy furniture for his house. He buys a double bed for $57930 and a sofa for $39860. What is the total amount spent by Mr. Jones at the shop.

12. According to a census, there were 45779 females in a town.  The number of males is 2336 more. What is the total population of the town?

13. 7883 people visited the zoo on Friday, 6596 on Saturday and 8224 on Sunday. How many people visited the zoo on these 3 days?

14. Ron is studying aboard. During his holidays, he travels to his home town. To reach his home town he covered 4562 km by air and 1057 km by bus. What is the total distance travelled by him to reach the home town?

15. Ron deposited $13645 in bank on Tuesday and $6880 on Wednesday. What is the amount of money deposited by him in bank in these 2 days?

16. Shelly went to buy furniture for her room and had $15000. She selects two different tables at the shop –

(i) a square table costing $9640

(ii) a round table costing $7890.

She has already bought a chair for $5999. Which table would she be able to buy?

17. An overhead tank has 4670 litres of water. If 2770 litres of water is added more to the tank, what is the total amount of water in the tank? Give any two ways in which we can conserve water.

18. During a cricket match, 3670 people watched the match from South End, 2270 from North End and 2850 from East End. How many people watched the match?

19. A cycle factory produced 6589 cycles in year 2010, 4869 cycles in 2011 and 2586 in 2012. What was the production in these three years?

20. At a meeting addressed by a political leader, there were 2,649 men 3,259 women and 837 children. How many people were present at the meeting?

21. In an election, there were three candidates. The first candidate got 1975 votes, the second candidate got 4688 votes and the third candidate got 2149 votes. In all how many votes were polled?

22. In an examination 5,865 boys and 2,954 girls appeared. How many students in all appeared in the examination?

23. A number is 468 more than 9268. Find the number.

24. A company produced 2,756; 1,751 and 3,058 pencils in three successive months. In all, how many pencils were produced by the company in these three months?

25. James has 12589 stamps and Mary has 34879 stamps in their albums. How many stamps do they have altogether?

26. There are 3592 cows, 4692 buffaloes and 1296 other cattle in a village. What is the population of the cattle?

27. A village has 24,925 women 17,840 men and 4,540 children. What is the population of the village?

28. A factory produced 17,895 toys in the 1st year, 26,004 toys in the 2nd year and 34,924 in the 3rd year. How many toys were produced in these years?


1. 90,128

2. 8,966

3. 12,262

4. 550

5. 1,180

6. 11,629

7. 98,156

8. $ 3,66,149

9. 1,108

10. 7,10,996

11. $97,790

12. 93,894

13. 22,703

14. 5,619 km

15. $20,525

16. Round table

17. 7,440 litres

18. 8,790

19. 14,044

20. 6,565

21. 8,812

22. 8,819

23. 9,736

24. 7,565

25. 47,468

26. 9,580

27. 47,305

28. 78,823

Worksheet on Word Problems on Addition

If students have any queries regarding the questions in the worksheet on word problems on addition please contact us so that we can help you. However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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