Worksheet on Estimating the Quotient

In worksheet on estimating the quotient, all grade students can practice the questions on estimate the quotient. This exercise sheet on estimating quotient can be practiced by the students to get more ideas.

I. Find the estimated quotient for the following divisions:

  1. 86 ÷ 27

  2. 82 ÷ 18

  3. 88 ÷ 29

  4. 195 ÷ 24

  5. 255 ÷ 25

  6. 282 ÷ 32

  7. 428 ÷ 29

  8. 509 ÷ 67

  9. 656 ÷ 53

10. 1234 ÷ 28

11. 2375 ÷ 27

12. 4378 ÷ 57

13. 7847 ÷ 57

14. 5981 ÷ 72

15. 9872 ÷ 73

II. Choose the best estimate and select the right answer.

1. Robert has $ 92 with him. If each packet of chocolate cost $ 31, then how many chocolates can he buy?

     (i) 3                    (ii) 4

2. Thomas has 319 marbles. If he distributes his marble among 10 of his friends, how many marbles will each of his friends get?

     (i) 20 - 25                    (ii) 30 - 35

3. A locality consumes 7628 units of energy each day. If each house requires 218 units of electricity each day, how many houses are there in the locality?

     (i) 30 - 35                    (ii) 35 - 40

4. A florist has 594 flowers. He wants to make bouquets with 26 flowers each. How many bouquets will he be able to make?

     (i) 15 - 20                    (ii) 25 - 30

5. A gardener has 712 square metres of area. She wants to plant mango trees on the area. If each mango tree requires 13 square metre of area to grow properly, how many mango trees can she grow over the area?

     (i) 45 - 60                    (ii) 60 - 75


II. 1. (i)

2. (ii)

3. (i)

4. (ii) 

5. (ii)

If students have any queries regarding the questions given in the worksheet on estimating the quotient please fill-up the comment box below so that we can help you.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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