Worksheet on Word Problems on Division

In worksheet on word problems on division, all grade students can practice the questions on word problems involving division. This exercise sheet on word problems on division can be practiced by the students to get more ideas to solve division problems.

1. 6 children share 12 chocolates. How many does each child get?

2. Ron distributes 12 bananas equally among 4 monkeys. How many bananas does each monkey get?

3. There are 18 apples. Jon arranges them in 3 plates. How many apples are there in each plate?

4. Tom puts. 30 eggs equally in 6 boxes. How many eggs are there in each box?

5. Jenny has 30 stickers. She wants to distribute these equally among 10 children. How many stickers does each child get?

6. There are 1025 students in a school containing 25 sections. If in each section there are equal number of students, find their number in each section.

7. The cost of 15 cycles is $24,405. Find the cost of each cycle.

8. The cost of 35 ceiling fans is $43,050. How much does each fan cost?

9. A school has collected $14,000 from 56 students for the Prime Minister's relief fund. How much has each student paid?

10. 25 students of class X collected $2750 for an orphanage. If each student contributed an equal amount for the cause, how much amount of money was contributed by each student?

11. A train runs 5,580 km in 36 hours. Find the speed of the train in km/hour.

12. A truck was carrying 340 chairs, staked in sets of 5 chairs each. How many stacks of chairs were there on the truck?

13. The product of two numbers is 4131. If one of them is 27, find the other.

14. 840 students were to be seated in 20 rows of an auditorium. If equal number of students sat in each row, how many students were there in each row?

15. If the quotient is 57, the divisor is 45 and the remainder is 29, find the dividend.

16. Tania has a collection of 550 marbles. She wants to put them in Jars. She can put 22 marbles in one jar. How many jars does she need to put all the marbles?

17. The annual income of Sam is $98,364. What is his monthly income if he earns an equal amount every month?

18. A number was divided by 97; the quotient was 286 and the remainder 14. Find the number.

19. On one shelf of the library 21 books can be kept, how many shelves are needed to put 2730 books?

20. When 65 is multiplied by a number, the product is 5590. Find the number.

21. Shelly cut 3825 metres of cloth into 15 equal pieces. What is the length of each piece?

22. 40,000 fruits were distributed among 1,000 children equally. How many fruits did each child get?

23. Kara bought 32 tickets for a movie for $ 7200. What is the cost of each ticket?

24. 44,619 sweets were distributed among 1,000 students of a school. How many sweets will each student get if every student gets an equal number of sweets? How many sweets will be left?

25. The price of 50 bags of wheat is $42,500. Find the price of each bag of wheat.

26. 2250 mobile sets are to be packed equally in 50 cartons. How many mobiles will be kept in each carton?

27. The price of 21 sets of television is $95,865. How much does each T.V. set cost?

28. 168 trees are planted equally in 12 rows. How many trees are there in each row? How many are left to be planted?

29. Divide the sum of 7,000 and 2,839 by 23.

30. A car company manufactured 1674 cars in 31 days of January. If the company manufactured equal number of cars each day, then how many cars were made each day?

31. Nairitee distributed $414 among 9 children equally. How many dollars did each child get?

32. A soap factory produces 6,265 soaps in a week. Find the number of soaps produced in a day.

33. The total number of seats in a tram a 712 and there are 8 compartments. All the compartments have the same number of seats. How many sents are there in each compartment?

34. 8,848 books are made into bundles, each containing 7 books. How many bundles are made?

35. There are 12 notebooks of the same kind. If the total number of pages is 3698 find the number of pages in each notebook.

36. A truck covers 2274 km in 6 hours. Find the distance covered by it in 25 hours.

37. The cost of 20 kg of sugar is Rs. 960. Find the cost of 1 kg of sugar. Also, find the cost of 45 kg of sugar.

38. 38 packets of rice weigh 1140 kg. Find the weight of one packet of rice if all are of the same weight.

39. The cost of 13 whiteboard is $ 16,120. Find the cost of one whiteboard.

40. The salary of 37 employees is $1,69,460. Find the salary of a employee, if all are paid equally.

41. Write the greatest number of five digits. Find the quotient and the remainder if it is divided by 27.

42. William puts 35 pencils in one box. Find the maximum number of boxes he will require to put 49,744 pencils. How may pencils will be left over?

43. There are 4,695 students in a school. The Principal of the school wants the students to stand equally in 30 rows. How many maximum number of students will there be in each row and how many will be left over?

43. 13 trucks can carry 74,685 kg of pulses. How much pulses can be carried in 24 truck.

Division Word Problems Worksheet


1. 2

2. 3

3. 6

4. 5

5. 3

6. 41

7. 1627

8. 1230

9. 250

10. $110

11. 155

12. 68

13. 153

14. 42

15. 2594

16. 25

17. 8197

18. 27756

19. 130

20. 86

21. 255

22. 40

23. $ 225

24. 44; 619

25. 850

26. 45

27. $ 4565

28. Q = 14, R = 0

29. Q = 427; R = 18

30. 54

31. 46

32. 895

33. 89

34. 1264

35. 308 pages in each notebook and 2 pages remaining.

36. 9475 km

37. Rs. 48; Rs. 2160

38. 30 kg

39. $ 1240

40. $ 4,580

41. Quotient: 3703; Remainder: 18

42. 1421 boxes and 9 pencils remaining. 

43. Each row = 156; Left over students 15

44. 1,37,880 kg.

Worksheet on Word Problems on Division

If students have any queries regarding the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on division please fill-up the comment box below so that we can help you.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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