Co-ordinate Geometry

What is co-ordinate geometry?

The subject co-ordinate geometry is that particular branch of mathematics in which geometry is studied with the help of algebra. This branch of mathematics was first introduced by the great French Philosopher and Mathematician Rene’ Descartes and by his name the subject is also called Cartesian Co-ordinate Geometry.

In co-ordinate geometry, the concept of algebra is introduced and as a result, the fundamental properties and theorems of geometry can be easily deduced. For this reason sometimes this branch is called Analytical Geometry.

Co-ordinate Geometry is of two types:

  (i) Two Dimensional or Plane Co-ordinate Geometry

  (ii) Three Dimensional or Solid Co-ordinate Geometry.

In two dimensional co-ordinate geometry, the discussion of geometry on a plane is developed whereas in three dimensional co-ordinate geometry we consider the geometry of space of a solid body. The position of a point in two dimensional co-ordinate geometry is uniquely determined by two real numbers with appropriate signs in three dimensional Co-ordinate Geometry the position of a point on a solid body is uniquely determined by three sign real numbers.

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