Worksheet on Word Problems on Addition of Mixed Fractions

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on addition of mixed fractions. We know to solve the problems on adding mixed fractions first we need to convert them into improper fractions and then change the fractions into like fractions to express the sum to its lowest form.

1. Victor ate ¼ of a cake. Ron ate ½ of it. What fraction of the cake did they eat together?

2. Shelly worked 7/9 hour on Sunday and 5/18 hour on Monday. How many hours did she work in all?

3. Kate spent 2/3 of her pocket money on books, 1/6 on pen and 1/6 on chocolate. What fraction of money did she spend in all?

4. Candy bought 6 ¾ kg of oil in January, 5 1/8 kg in February and 7 ½ kg in March. How much oil did she buy in all?

5. Sam has 3 ropes of 2 ¼ m, 3 1/8 m and 5 ¼ m of length. What is the total length of all the ropes?

6. Rex spent 3/8 of his summer vacation in Delhi, 1/16 in Mumbai and ¼ in Chennai. What fraction of his summer vacation did he spend in all?

7. Haden bought 3 watermelons weighing 2 2/3 kg, 3 ¼ kg and 4 1/6 kg. What is the total weight of all the watermelons?

8. Sara has 3 1/3 m of red ribbon, 1 1/6 m of white ribbon and 2 ½ m of black ribbon. What is the total length of all the ribbons?

9. Jim walked 2 1/3 km from home to his school, 1 ¼ km from school to his friend’s house and 3 ½ km from his friend’s house to his uncle’s house. What distance did he walk in all?

10. Mike completed 2/9 of a work on Monday, 1/3 on Tuesday and 1/9 on Wednesday. What part of work did he complete in all?

11. Todd bought 3 ¼ m of white cloth, 2 ½ m of blue cloth and 4 1/3 m of red cloth. How much cloth did he buy in all?

12. Patti danced for 2 3/8 hours on Monday, 2 1/8 hours on Wednesday and 1 ½ hours on Sunday. How many hours did she dance in all?

13. Rex bought 1 ¾ kg of sugar and Reeta bought 2 1 kg. How much did they buy in all?

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on addition of mixed fractions are given below.


1. 3/4

2. 1 1/18 hours

3. 1

4. 19 3/8 kg

5. 10 5/8 m

6. 11/16

7. 10 1/12

8. 7 m

9. 7 1/12 km

10. 2/3

11. 10 1/12 m

12. 6 hours

13. 4 kg

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