Problems on Division of Decimal Fractions

We will discuss here how to solve the word problems on division of decimal fractions.

To divide a decimal number:

(i) Perform the division ignoring decimal point.

(ii) Put the decimal point in the quotient in such a way, that the decimal places in the quotient becomes equal to the decimal places in the dividend.

Solved examples on word problems on division of decimal fractions:

1. Find the quotient of: 21.125 ÷ 5

Divide a Decimal Number

(21 ones + 125 thousandths) ÷ 5

= (21000 thousandth + 125 thousandth) ÷ 5

= (21125 thousandth) ÷ 5

= 4225 thousandths

= 4.225

Hence, 21.125 ÷ 5 = 4.225

Therefore, we see that both dividend and quotient have same decimal places i.e. 3.

2. The product of 2 decimal numbers is 956.81. If one of them is 29.35 then what is the other number?

Product of two numbers = 956.81

One number = 29.35

The other number = 956.81 ÷ 29.35

= 956.81/29.35 ÷ 100/100

= 95681/2935

= 32.6

Therefore, the other number is 32.6.

3. There are some bags of rice each weighing 97.5 kg. If the total weight of all the bags is 682.5 kg, find the total number of bags.

Total weight of all the bags

Each bag weighs

Total number of bags

= 682.5 kg

= 97.5 kg

= 682.5 ÷ 97.5

= 682.5/97.5 × 10/10


Divide Decimal number by Decimal Number

The required number of bags = 7

4. Cost of 6 pens is $ 38.10. Find the cost of 1 pen.

Cost of 6 pens = $ 38.10

Cost of 1 pen = $ 38.10/6

= $ 6.35

5. Divide $ 7528.50 equally among 63 men. How much each man get?

Total money = $ 7528.50

Total number of person = 63

Each man get = $ (7528.50 ÷ 63)

Decimal Division Word Problem

Therefore, each man get $ 119.50


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