24 Hour Clock

24 hour clock time is used by air and railway travel timetables because they do not use a.m. and p.m. times. On the dial there are two concentric circles. The inner circle has 1 to 12 numbers while the outer circle has 13 to 24 numbers.

24 Hour Clock

The time which is shown by the inner circle is the time before noon and that shown by the outer circle is the time after noon.

The time up to 12 o’clock is shown as 00:05 hours, 01:00 hours, 12 noon as 12:00 hours. 14:00 hours 23:00 hours.

2:08 a.m. is shown in the same way as 2:08. The times before noon are shown in the same way leaving out a.m. But times after noon are shown by adding 12 to the number shown in p.m., as 2:30 p.m. is shown as 14:30.

These are some more examples:

After midnight           00:10 a.m. is shown as 00:10

                              02:45 a.m. is shown as 02:45

                              10:48 a.m. is shown as 10:48

                              02:45 p.m. is shown as 14:45

                              10:48 p.m. is shown as 22:48

               Clock                General Time                  24 hour clock

General Time

00:00 midnight               00:00

(Just after midnight)       (Just after

or,                               midnight) or,

12:00 midnight               24:00 hours

06:00 a.m.(6 hours         06:00

zero minutes

in the morning)

12:00 noon                   12:00

Time after noon

06:10 p.m.                   18:10

08:30 p.m.                   20:30

10:45 p.m.                   22:45

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