Kindergarten Math Activities

In kindergarten math activities we learn many new things in a very interesting way of learning.

It is important when writing math websites for kids that correct concepts be promoted. This kindergarten math lesson plan of numbers does that. The approach is such that the kids are stimulated to think about the cool math games 4 kids, to perceive relationships rather than merely memorise the kindergarten math. On that account this website is worth giving to a child as it will not only entertain and give joy but will also lay down in the child’s mind certain basic principles of numbers which will be useful when he/she begins formal education later on. In math for kids we will learn numbers then how to add, subtract etc.

Kindergarten Math Printable
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Free kindergarten math printable worksheets are available for kid’s and even parents and teachers can encourage and suggest the child to practice the kid’s math sheets so that they get prepare for kindergarten math test. Kids math homework help is also available here, if any doubts you can contact us by mail. However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

Number Rhymes
Matching the Objects
Numbers and Counting up to 10
Number the Pictures
Numbers up to 10
Numbers 1 to 10
Count and Write Numbers
Count the Numbers and Match
Numbers and their Names
Numbers and Counting up to 20
Learn About Counting
Counting Eleven to Twenty with Numbers and Words
Counting Numbers from Twenty One to Thirty
Counting Numbers from Thirty One to Forty
Geometric Shapes
Geometric Objects
Tell The Time
Worksheet on Time
Addition on a Number Line
Worksheet on Addition I
Worksheet on Addition II
Odd Man Out
Ordinal Numbers
Worksheet on Ordinal Numbers
Addition Worksheets
Subtraction Worksheets
Counting Numbers Practice Test
Worksheets on Counting Numbers
Worksheet on Counting Numbers 6 to 10
What is addition?
Worksheet on Kindergarten Addition
Kindergarten Addition up to 5
Worksheets on Kindergarten Addition up to 5
Addition Facts
What is zero?
Order of Numbers.
Worksheets on Addition
Before and After Counting Worksheet up to 10
Worksheets on Counting Before and After
Before, After and Between Numbers Worksheet up to 10
Worksheet on Before, After and Between Numbers
Counting Before, After and Between Numbers up to 10
The Story about Seasons
Color by Number Worksheets
Worksheet on Joining Numbers
Missing Number Worksheets

Worksheet on Before, After and Between Numbers up to 20
Worksheet on Before, After and Between Numbers up to 50

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