One More than Numbers upto 10

What is one more than?

1 more than means we need to add or count one more number to the given numbers. Here, we will learn counting one more than upto number 10.

Examples of counting 1 more than up to number 10 are given as follows.

One More than Numbers upto 10

A few more examples…..

1. I have 4 toffees and you gave me 1 more toffee. How many toffees do I have now?

4 toffees and count 1 more toffee to it (i.e., 1 more than 4). 

1 More than 4

Therefore, when we count forward the number increases so, now I have 5 toffees with me.

Counting 1 more than to the set of objects

2. In a flower-vase, count the number of flowers and then add 1 more than to the given object.

1 More than

We can see there are 3 flowers in the flower-vase and count 1 more flower to it. i.e. 1 more than 3 is 4 flowers.

At an early age kids will learn counting using physical objects or pictures. We all know basic counting is one of the key skills for children after identifying numbers and their values. Counting 1 more than is one of the basic step to move ahead towards math.

Tips to learn one more than….

In order to learn 1 more than the given number students need to practice counting. Kids need to be careful while counting. Count loudly how many objects are given in that set then add 1 to that number and write the answer.

However, kids need to be confident and clear while counting the set of objects (i.e., count objects up to 10) and then add 1 to that number. 

Fill in the boxes.

One More Than

1 more than 5 is 6

1 more than 8 is 9

1 more than 7 is 8

1 more than 2 is 3

1 more than 6 is 7

1 more than 9 is 10

1 more than 1 is 2

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