Arranging Numbers

Arranging numbers in ascending order and descending order.

We know, while arranging numbers from the smallest number to the largest number, then the numbers are arranged in ascending order. 

Suppose for example, 81, 97, 123, 137 and 201 are arranged in ascending order. 

Vice-versa while arranging numbers from the largest number to the smallest number then the numbers are arranged in descending order. 

Suppose for example, 187, 121, 117, 103 and 99 are arranged in descending order.

Examples on arranging numbers in ascending order:

1. Write the following numbers is ascending order: 

42734; 5358; 42876; 52287. 


Count the digits in each number.

5358 Is the smallest number as it has only 4 digits.

Line up the number accordingly to place value.

Begin comparing from the left.

5358 ← smallest number



7 < 8

52287 ← Largest number

The ascending order is 5358; 42734; 42876; 52287

2. Arranging numbers in ascending order:

3679; 3542; 3797; 3545


The digit in the hundreds place in each number is 3.

On comparing the hundreds place; 3679; 3542; 3797; 3545

We find: 3797 to be the greatest and 3679 to be smaller.

On comparing the tens place in the two remaining numbers we find both

numbers to be the same. 3542; 3545

On comparing the ones place, we find 3545 > 3542

So, the ascending order is 3542 < 3545 < 3679 < 3797

3. Arrange 1,26,483; 2,43,61,386 and 2,43,91,406 in ascending order.


Place the number one below the other.

By comparing the number of digits we find that the number 1,26,483 is the smallest number.

Next, comparing 2,43,61,386 and 2,43,91,406 we find that the digits at crores, ten lakhs and lakhs places are same.

Now, compare the digits at ten thousands place. Here, 9 is greater than 6.

So, 2,43,91,406  > 2,43,61,386

Hence, the given numbers in ascending order are 

                        1,26,483; 243,61,386; 2,43,91,406

Example on arranging numbers in descending order:

Write in descending order:

32593; 60537; 28524; 57198


Compare digits according to place value. 

Descending order means arranging numbers from the largest number to the smallest number; 

60537 > 57198 > 32593 > 28524

Questions and Answers on Ascending and Descending Order:

1. Rewrite the following numbers in the ascending order and descending order.

(i) 94257, 94527, 94752, 94725

(ii) 359421, 354921, 359412, 354912

(iii) 50050, 50500, 55000, 50005

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