Worksheet on Pictographs

In worksheet on pictographs, all grade students can practice the questions on data handling. We can present the given information in many ways. In pictograph the information is presented by using a picture as symbol. A pictograph has a title and a key.

This exercise sheet on pictographs has different questions to draw a pictograph to represent the information that can be practiced by the students to get more ideas to represent the data according to the questions.

1. Using suitable scale, draw a pictograph for the given data.

Favourite Colour






Number of Students






2. The numbers of students studying in each of five classes of a secondary school are given below. Draw a pictograph to represent the numerical data:

Worksheet on Pictographs

3. At a parking place the following number of scooter were parked on different days. Draw a pictograph to represent the information:

Monday (30)                   Tuesday (25)                   Wednesday (35)

Thursday (15)                  Friday (20)                       Saturday (40)

4. In a survey it was found that the following number of students of a school uses different brands of soaps. Form a pictograph to represent the data:

Lux (100)          Lifebuoy (50)          Dove (60)          Camay (70)

5. The following number of cars of a particular model was produced in the years 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. Draw a pictograph to represent the data:

Picture Graph Worksheets

6. From a pond the following numbers of fishes were caught on different days. Draw the pictograph of it:

Monday (200)                 Tuesday (200)                 Wednesday (300)

Thursday (400)               Friday (300)                     Saturday (500)

7. The following number of bulbs was sold from a shop on different days. Form the pictograph of it:

Monday (50)                 Tuesday (30)                 Wednesday (50)

Thursday (40)               Friday (60)                     Saturday (20)

8. Out of 100 students of a class the following numbers passed in different subjects. Draw the pictograph of the data:

Pictograph Worksheets

9. Draw a pictograph from the given table in which the number of students studying in different classes of a primary school is given:

Handling Data Worksheets

10. Observe the given pictograph and answer the questions.

Pictograph Worksheets

(i) Which activity club has maximum number of students? 

(ii) Which activity club has minimum number of students? 

(iii) Which activity clubs have equal number of students? 

(iv) How many more students are there in dance club than literary club?

(v) Which activity do you like?


(i) Dance

(ii) Sculpture

(iii) Art and Literary

(iv) 6

(v) Dance

If students have any queries regarding the questions given in the worksheet on pictographs, please contact us so that we can help you.

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