Worksheet on Pie Chart

In math worksheet on pie chart students can practice different types of questions on pie graphs. From the given data we need to calculate the central angle of the components to construct the questions given in worksheet on pie chart.

A. Questions on Creating Pie Chart:

1. Mr. X monthly income is $ 14400. The monthly expenses of his family on various items are given below.

   Item    Rent   Food   Clothing   Education   Savings 
Expenditure (in Dollar)

Represent the above data by a pie chart. 

2. In a Zoological park there are 1000 creatures as per the following table given below: 

   Beast Animals    Other Land Animals    Birds   Water Animals   Reptiles 

Represent the above data by a pie chart.

3. Various modes of transport used by 1260 students in a given school are given below:

   School Bus    Private Bus   Bicycle   Rickshaw   On foot 

Represent the above data by a pie chart.

4. The data given below shows number of hours spent by a school boy on different activities on a working day.

   Activity     School   Homework   Play   Sleep   Others   Total 
No. of hours

Represent the above data by a pie graph.

5. In a company there are 1080 workers of different religions. The data of the different religion are given below:

   Religion    Hindu   Sikh   Islam   Christian 
No. of workers

Draw a pie chart to represent the above data.

6. The marks obtained by Sam in an examination are given below:

   Subject    English   French   Mathematics   Science   Social Science 
Marks Obtained

Represent the above data by a pie chart.

Hint: Total marks obtained = (105 + 75 +150 +120 + 90) = 540.

7. The following table gives the number of different fruits kept in a hamper.

   Type of Fruit    Mangoes   Apples   Oranges   Coconuts   Pomegranates 

Represent the above data by a pie chart.

Hint: Total number of fruits = 90

Worksheet on Pie Chart

8. The following data shows the agricultural production in India during a certain year.

   Foodgrain    Rice   Wheat   Coarse Cereals   Pulses 
(in millions of tonnes)

Draw a pie chart to represent the above data.

Hint: Total production (57 + 76 + 38 + 19) million tonnes = 190 million tonnes.

9. Given below is the result of an annual examination of a class, showing the percentage of students in each category. 

    First Division       Second Division      Third Division      Failed   

Represent the above data by a pie chart.

10. The following table shows the percentage of buyers of four different brands of bathing soaps.

    Brand         A           B          C           D      
Percentage of buyers

Represent the above data by a pie chart.

B. Tick () the correct answer in each of the following:

1. Mr. Bond's monthly income is $ 2400 and his monthly expenditure on rent is $ 250. The central angle of the sector representing rent expenses in the pie chart would be …………… .

    (a) 30°
    (b) 37 ¹/₂°
    (c) 45°
    (d) 60°

2. If 35% of the people residing in a locality are Sikhs then the central angle of the sector representing the Sikh community in the pie chart would be

    (a) 108°
    (b) 115°
    (c) 126°
    (d) 135°

3. If in the pie chart representing the number of students opting for different streams of study out of a total strength of 1650 students, the central angle of the sector representing Arts students is 48°, what is the number of students who opted for Arts stream?

    (a) 220
    (b) 240
    (c) 275
    (d) 320

4. In the pie chart representing the percentages of students having interest in reading various kinds of books, the central angle of the sector representing students reading novels is 81° What is the percentage of students interested in reading novels?

    (a) 15 %
    (b) 18 %
    (c) 22\(\frac{1}{2}\) %
    (d) 27\(\frac{1}{2}\) %

C. Different types of Problems on Pie Graph:

1. George make a circle chart of the favourite animal of children visiting the zoo. Look at the circle chart and write True (T) or False (F):

Circle Chart

(i) More children like monkeys than lions.

(ii) The least favourite animal is bear.

(iii) More children like tigers than bears.

(iv) The second most loved animal is the lion.

(v) The third most loved animal is the bear.

2. Look at the circle chart showing the sale of different kinds of cars in the month of July. If the circle represents 100 cars, give the number

Reading Pie Chart

(i) The number of Maruti cars __________ 

(ii) The number of Hyundai cars __________ 

(iii) The number of Ford Escort cars __________ 

Answers for the worksheet on pie chart are given below to check the exact answer.


B.     1. (b)       2. (c)       3. (a)       4. (c)

C. 1. (i) True

(ii) True

(iii) True

(iv) True

(v) False

2. (i) 50 

(ii) 25 

(iii) 25

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