Examples of Pictographs

Some sample examples on pictographs or pictorial representation are shown, how the objects are used to give information regarding mathematical data.

Read the pictograph and gather the information from the different objects whose pictures or symbols are used in the table.

Some solved examples on picture-graph:

Let us now learn how to understand a pictograph with the following example.

1. Number of red colored boxes sold by William, a shopkeeper, in six days of a week. See the picture graph or pictograph to answer the questions.

Examples of Pictographs

Information gathered from the above table:

(i) Number of red boxes sold:

Monday – 4, Tuesday – 2, Wednesday – 3, Thursday – 5, Friday – 8, Saturday – 1

Therefore, sale during the week = 23

(ii) Lowest sale – on Saturday, only 1 box was sold.

Maximum sale on Friday is 8 boxes were sold.

We can easily get more information by observing this picture-graph.

2. Number of illiterate children of 5 small towns, Melrose, Marengo, Midway, Parral and Rushville. See the picture graph or pictograph to answer the questions.

Sample Pictograph

Information gathered from the above table:

(i) Number of illiterate children of different small towns:

Melrose - 5, Marengo - 4, Midway - 7, Parral - 3 and Rushville - 2

(ii) Total number of illiterate = 21

3. Information about 300 children of a school who come to school by different modes of transportation.

Pictographs Face

1 face represents 10 children

See the picture graph or pictograph to answer the questions.

Picture Graph or Pictograph

Information gathered from the above table:

(i) Number of students going to school by different modes of transportation:

Auto-rickshaw = 6 × 10 = 60, Car = 4 × 10 = 40, Bicycle = 7 × 10 = 70, Bus = 10 × 10 = 100, On foot = 3 × 10 = 30

(ii) Total number = 60 + 40 + 70 + 100 + 30 = 300

The above explanation on the examples of pictographs or pictorial representation will help us to solve different types of questions on pictograph.

4. The following pictograph shows the favourite sports of students in a class.

Pictograph Symbol on Sports

= 1 student

Pictograph on Sports

On the basis of pictograph, let us answer following questions:


(i) How many students are there in the class? 


36 students

(ii) Which two sports show equal number of students?

Basketball and Table Tennis

(iii) Which sport has maximum number of students?


(iv) Which sport has least number of students?

Table Tennis

Questions and Answers on Examples on Pictographs:

1. The following pictograph shows the sales of bouquets on 4 different days in a week.

Pictograph Symbol on Bouquets

= 1 bouquet

Pictograph on Sales of Bouquets

On the basis of pictograph, answer the following questions:

(i) Which day of the week bouquets were sold maximum?

(ii) Which day sales were least?

(iii) How many bouquets were sold on Monday and Saturday together?

(iv) How many bouquets were sold on Tuesday and Friday together?

(v) How many bouquets were sold in all?


1. (i) Monday

(ii) Friday

(iii) 10

(iv) 5

(v) 15


2. The number of children in a society with different hobbies is shown below.

Pictograph Symbol on Children

= 2 children

Pictograph on Number of Children

Look at the pictograph and answer the questions.

(i) Which is the most popular hobby?

(ii) Which is the least popular hobby?

(iii) Which two hobbies are equally popular?

(iv) How many children are there in the society?

(v) How many hobbies they have in all?


2. (i) Computer Games

(ii) Music

(iii) Stamp collecting and drawing

(iv) 48

(v) 6


3. Number of cupcakes given to 5 children are given below. Prepare a pictograph of the given data. Also, label its parts.

Pictograph Symbol on Cupcake

= 1 cupcake

Name of Children






Number of Cupcakes






Name of the Child

Number of Cupcakes











3. Answer:

Pictograph on Number of Cupcakes

The above examples will help us to understand how to represent the data using pictograph.

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