Comparing Different Line Segments

We will discuss here about comparing different line segments. Different line segments can be of different lengths. We can compare the lengths of the different line segments with the help of a divider.

Let us compare two line segments MN and ST.

I. First, place one point of the divider on the end point M of the line segment MN. Now we open the pair of divider in such a way that the other point of divider falls on the other end point N.

II. Then we lift the divider very carefully so that its arms are not disturbed.

III. Now place one end point of the pair of divider on the end point S of the other line segment ST and let the other end point of the pair of divider rest on the line segment ST as shown in figure.

Comparing Different Line Segments

We see that this end point falls before the other end point T of the line segment ST. This shows that the line segment MN is shorter than the line segment ST. If the end point of the divider falls beyond the point T, MN is longer than ST.

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