Constructing a Line Segment

We will discuss here about constructing a line segment. We know how to draw a line segment of a certain length. Suppose we want to draw a line segment of 4.5 cm length.

We follow the following steps as given below:

Step I: We place a scale on a paper sheet as shown below.

Constructing a Line Segment

Step II: We place the sharp point of a pencil on the point which coincides with 0 on the scale and name it as A.

Step III: We mark another point B which coincides with the fifth millimetre division after the 4th centimetre. (1 small division = 1 mm.)

Step IV: We join both points A and B by drawing a line segment with a fine pointed pencil. The line segment AB is of 4.5 cm length.

Drawing a Line Segment:

Now, let us learn how to draw a line segment of a given length.

Step I: Place the ruler on the paper. Then mark two points P and Q against the marks 0 and 9 of the scale.

Drawing a Line Segment

Step II: Keeping the scale evenly, move the pencil from P to Q along the edge of the scale. The line segment PQ is of length 9 cm.

Drawing a Line Segment PQ

Questions and Answers on Constructing a Line Segment

I. Draw line segments of the following lengths using the ruler:

(i) 9 cm

(ii) 3 cm

(iii) 10 cm

(iv) 5 cm

(v) 7 cm

II. Draw two lines segments PQ and QR of length 4 cm each such that they meet at point Q. Measure the length of line segment PR.

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