Worksheet on Measurement

In worksheet on measurement we will solve 10 different types of questions.

1. John bought 27.5 m of cloth. How many cm of cloth did he buy?

2. Convert a distance of 20 km to metres.

3. Convert 98 km to hm.

4. Convert 40 mg to g.

5. Tom`s weight is 45000g. What is his weight in kg?

6. Divide 63.924 g by 20 g.

7. Express 5 ℓ to mℓ.

8. Express 49.109 kℓ in ℓ.

9. Add 19.043 ℓ, 14.109 ℓ, and 2.001 ℓ.

10. Express 93 ℓ in dℓ.

● Measurement.




Worksheet on Measurement.

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