Telling Time in 5-minute Intervals

The clock has numbers from 1 to 12 marked on its dial. These numbers divide the clock face into 12 equal parts. Between any two numbers there are 5 small divisions. Each small division represents a minute. So, the minute hand takes 5 minutes more from one number to the next number. When the minute hand is at 1 it is read as 1 × 5 = 5 minutes. Thus, the minute hand takes 60 minutes to complete one round.

12 × 5 = 60 minutes = 1 hour

Look at the clock in the picture. The hour hand is between 1 and 2. The minute hand is at 5. The time is 25 minutes past 1. It is written as 1:25. We read as ‘one twenty-five’.

Telling Time in 5-minute Intervals

Questions and Answers on Telling Time in 5-minute Intervals:

I. Read and write the time shown on the given clocks in two ways:

Reading Time in 5-minute Intervals


(ii) 3:55; 5 minutes to 4

(iii) 6:35, 25 minutes to 7

(iv) 5:40; 20 minutes to 6

(v) 4:10; 10 minutes past 4

(vi) 11:25; 25 minutes past 11

(vii) 1:50 10 minutes to 2

(viii) 6:05; 5 minutes past 6

II. Read the time given below each clock. Draw the hour hand and minute hand in each clock.

Read and Draw the Clock


Read and Draw the Clock Hands

From the above explanation we can easily read the time in 5-minutes interval.

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