Capacity is discussed here. Liquids as we all know have no regular shape. So, we calculate their volume by the capacity of the container they are held in. The standard unit for capacity is litre.

As in the length and mass, the various units for capacity are as follows:

Various Units for Capacity

This can be remembered by

King Harry Died Lady Didn`t Cry Much.

The ‘L’ in Lady stands for LITRE which is the standard unit of capacity.

For Examples:

1. kℓ → ℓ

1 kℓ = 1000 ℓ

2.7 kℓ = 2.7 × 1000 ℓ

Therefore, 2.7 kℓ = 2700 ℓ

2. ℓ → mℓ

1ℓ = 1000 mℓ

17.03 ℓ = 17.03 × 1000

Therefore, 17.03 ℓ = 17030 mℓ

3. ℓ → kℓ

1ℓ = 1/1000 kℓ

9ℓ = 9/1000 kℓ

Therefore, 9ℓ = 0.009 kℓ

4. mℓ → ℓ

1 mℓ = 1/1000 ℓ

7 mℓ = 7/1000

Therefore, 7 mℓ = 0.007


Since volume is equivalent to capacity, capacity can also be expressed in cubic units.

1ℓ = 1000cm³

That is, 1 ℓ of liquid occupies 1000cm³ space.

Since 1 ℓ = 1000mℓ

1000 ℓ = 1000m³

Therefore, 1 mℓ = 1cm³

If the volume is

182 cm³, capacity is 182 mℓ.

9431 cm³, capacity is 9.431 ℓ.

1001 cm³, capacity is 1001 mℓ.

80907 cm³, capacity is 80.907 ℓ.

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