Tenth Place in Decimals

The first place after the decimal point is tenth place which represents how many tenths are there in a number. Let us take a plane sheet which represents one whole. Now, divide the sheet into ten equal parts. Each part represents one tenth of the whole. 

Tenth Place in Decimals

It is written as \(\frac{1}{10}\). In the decimal form it is written as 0.1, where the whole number part is zero and the fractional part is \(\frac{1}{10}\). 

It is read as zero pint one. So, a decimal (point) is placed between the whole number and the fractional number. All the numerals after the decimal shows that it is less than a whole.

The number before decimal point is called the integral part or whole and the number after the decimal is called the decimal part. 

Now let us color 3 strips of the tenths sheet. 

Represent Tenth Place in Decimals

The colored part is represented as \(\frac{3}{10}\). In the decimal form it is written as 0.3. It is read as zero point three.

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