Worksheet on Subtraction of Decimal Fractions

We will practice the questions given in the worksheet on subtraction of decimal fractions. While subtracting the decimal numbers convert them into like decimal then subtract as usual ignoring decimal point and then put the decimal point in the difference directly under the decimal points of the other decimals.

1. Subtract the following:

(i) 914.305 - 95.946

(ii) 500.915 - 99.457

(iii) 14.6 from 51.8

(iv) 71.4 from 93.3

(v) 81.07 from 182.06

2. Find the difference between:

(i) 4.591 and 0.959

(ii) 51.91 and 100

(iii) 120 and 94.91

(iv) 59.325 and 70.2

(v) 140.919 and 200

3. Word problems on subtraction of decimals:

(i) A shopkeeper has 204.850 kg of rice in his shop. He sold 150.900 kg of rice. How much rice was left in the shop?

(ii) What is to be added to the difference (50.91 – 10.146) to get 100?

(iii) A tanker of capacity 500 liters has 342.8 liters of oil. How much more oil can be poured into the tanker?

(iv) My school is at a distance of 9.25 km from my house. I covered a distance of 7.75 km by bus and the remaining distance on foot. How far do I walk on foot?

(v) What is to be subtracted from 436 to get 328.213?      

Answers for the worksheet on subtraction of decimal fractions are given below.


1. (i) 818.359

(ii) 401.458

(iii) 37.2

(iv) 21.9

(v) 100.99

2. (i) 3.632

(ii) 48.09

(iii) 25.09

(iv) 10.875

(v) 59.081

3. (i) 53.950 kg

(ii) 59.236

(iii) 157.2 liters

(iv) 1.50 km

(v) 107.787

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