Facts about Subtraction

The operation to finding the difference between two numbers is called subtraction. Let us know some facts about subtraction which will help us to learn subtraction of large numbers.

1. Subtraction with small numbers can be worked out horizontally.

Example: 8 – 5 = 3

24 – 4 = 20

2. Subtraction with large numbers is worked out vertically. Numbers are written under the place value chart.

Example:              Th     H     T     O

                             8     6     7     2

                       -     5     4     3     2

                             3     2     4     0

3. Zero subtracted from a number does not change the value of the number.

Example:                                H     T     O

                                              2     5     8

                                      +                   0

                                              2     5     8

4. 1 subtracted from a number gives the predecessor of the number as the difference.


Subtraction Facts

5. The number from which the other number is to be subtracted is called the minuend. The number subtracted is called the subtrahend and the answer is called the difference.


Subtraction Fact

6. If the subtrahend is missing, then the difference is subtracted from the minuend.

Minuend – difference = subtrahend.


Subtraction Facts of Large Numbers


Facts about Subtraction

7. To find the missing minuend, the difference is added to the subtrahend.

Difference + subtrahend = minuend


Facts about Subtraction Pic


Subtraction Facts

Note: Here in workings we did difference + subtrahend = minuend


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