Data and Information

What is the difference between data and information? 

In data and information; data is the plural of the word datum, mean facts and may be looked upon as the raw materials for information. The term information cannot be precisely defined as it has some abstract meaning. Information can be exchanged between different sources which are capable of understanding those. Information enriches the knowledge of human being and helps to achieve the specific purpose. In the perspective of computer science, we shall say that information is data arranged in a relevant order to fulfill the necessity of the problems concerned. Information may be represented by combinations of symbols which may be alphabetic or numeric or both, i.e. alphanumeric.

Since in a digital computer data must be represented by numbers for processing work, different number systems along with the specific one which a computer is able to manipulate.

Binary Numbers

  • Decimal Number System
  • Why Binary Numbers are Used
  • Binary to Decimal Conversion
  • Conversion of Numbers
  • Hexa-decimal Number System
  • Conversion of Binary Numbers to Octal or Hexa-decimal Numbers
  • Octal and Hexa-Decimal Numbers
  • Signed-magnitude Representation
  • Radix Complement
  • Diminished Radix Complement
  • Arithmetic Operations of Binary Numbers

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