We know, reflection is a known word and is related to the subject of physics and mathematics. When an object is place before the mirror, the image is formed behind the mirror. This is called reflection.

More detailed information about reflection:

When the object M is placed before the plane mirror, then

Axis of Reflection

 Its image M’ if found behind the mirror at an equal distance from O.

Mirror line is the perpendicular bisector of the line joining the object and its image.

M’ is called the reflection (image) of M.

ST is called the axis of reflection.

Solved examples on reflection:

1. Draw a line XZ and make point M outside the line. Now find M’ the image of M.


Solved Examples on Reflection

From M, draw a perpendicular to line XZ, intersecting at O.

Extend MO to OM’, such that MO = OM’

Therefore M’ is the image (reflection) of M and XZ acts as a mirror line.

2. Draw a line AB. Also, draw a line segment MN outside the line. Now find the image of MN.


Examples on Reflection

From M and N, draw two perpendiculars to line AB intersecting at C and D such that CM = CM’ and DN = DN’.

Join M’ and N’.

Therefore, M’N’ is the reflection (image) of MN.

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