Measuring Capacity

We will discuss about measuring capacity. The milkman measures milk in liters. Petrol is given in liters. Mobil oil is sold in liters. Two milk bottles contain 1 liter of milk. One milk bottle contains half liter.

The unit for measuring liquids is a liter. Small quantities of a liquid such as medicine are measured in milliliters.

1 liter = 1000 milliliters


1000 milliliters = 1 liter

The short way of writing liter is 'l' and milliliter is ‘ml’. So we can write in short as;

1 l = 1000 ml


1000 ml = 1 l

The milkman uses different types of cans to measure the milk like 1 l, 500 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml, etc.

Extra questions for sharp students on measuring capacity.

1. A bucket contains 15 l of water and another bucket contains 12 l. Find the total amount of water in the two buckets.

2. A goat gives 8 liters of milk every day. How much milk will the goat give in a week?

3. A dairy farm sells 145 liters of milk everyday. How much milk will it sell in 4 days?

4. A car covers 52 kilometers and a scooter 15 kilometers in one liter of petrol. Which vehicle covers more and by how much?

5. A bottle contained 400 ml of oil. The bottle fell and 75 ml of oil dropped on the ground. How much oil was left in the bottle?

6. A bucket can contain 18 liters of water. A tank is filled full by 9 such buckets. How much water does the full tank contain?

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