How to Read a Large Number?

To read a large number easily, we split the number into groups. We separate the groups by using comma or a space between them. The grouping of places is done from the right. The first group is ones group it has 3 places from the right. The second and the third group is grouped under thousands. The second and third groups have the next two places each. 

How to Read a Large Number?

The sixth place from the right is called lakhs place.

Now, let us read the number 145124. We place comma after 3-digit from the right and then after 2 digits. The number is written as 1,45,124. In the place value chart it is written as shown below.

Read a Large Number

1. Read the numbers written in the place-value chart below. Write them in words:

(i) Sixty-seven thousand forty-six

(ii) Four lakh eighty thousand seven

(iii) Three lakh forty five thousand eighty

(iv) Three lakh ninety-three thousand two hundred four

(v) Seven lakh one thousand eight hundred ninety four

(vi) Two lakh thirteen thousand six hundred twenty-eight

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