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Questions and answers of sample4 for math employment test.

1. In mathematics exam a student scored 30% marks in the first paper, out of a total of 180. How much should he score in second paper out of a total of 150. If he is to get an overall average of at least 50 %.

(a) 74 %.

(b) 76 %.

(c) 70 %.

(d) 80 %.

(e) 85 %.

Answer: (a)

2. Two number are less than a third number by 30% and 37% respectively. How much percent is second number less than the first?

(a) 4 %.

(b) 7 %.

(c) 3 %.

(d) 10 %.

(e) None.

Answer: (d)

3. A student who scores 20% marks in an examination fails by 30 marks. Another student who scores 32% marks get 42 marks more than those required to pass. The percentage of marks required to pass is:

(a) 28.

(b) 80.

(c) 25.

(d) 30.

(e) None.

Answer: (c)

4. In an election between two candidates, the candidates who gets 30% of the vote pulled is defeated by 15000 votes. The number of votes polled by the winning candidate is :

(a) 15000.

(b) 26250.

(c) 11250.

(d) 37500.

(e) 32200.

Answer: (d)

5. The capacity of two pots 120 litres and 56 litres respectively. The capacity of a container which can exactly measure the contents of the two pots, is –

(a) 7500 c.c.

(b) 7850 c.c.

(c) 8000 c.c.

(d) 9500 c.c.

(e) 9800 c.c.

Answer: (c)

6. The L.C.M. of two numbers in 12 times their H.C.F. The sum of H.C.F. and L.C.M. is 403. If one number is 93, then the other is –

(a) 128.

(b) 124.

(c) 134.

(d) 145.

(e) None.

Answer: (b)

7. The sum of two numbers is 45. Their difference is 1/9 of their sum. Their L.C.M. is –

(a) 100.

(b) 150.

(c) 200.

(d) 250.

(e) 300.

Answer: (a)

8. L.C.M. of 22, 54, 108, 135, 198 is –

(a) 330.

(b) 1980.

(c) 5940.

(d) 11880.

(e) None.

Answer: (c)

9. Four bells commence tolling together. The toll at intervals of 1, 11/4, 11/2 and 13/4 second respectively, after what interval will they toll together again –

(a) 2 min 40 sec.

(b) 1 min 40 sec. (c) 2 min 45 sec.

(d) 1 min 45 sec.

(e) 2 min 30 sec.

Answer: (d)

10. The L.C.M. of two numbers is 2310 and their H.C.F. is 30. If one of these numbers is 210, the second number is –

(a) 330.

(b) 1470.

(c) 2100.

(d) 16170.

(e) 17160.

Answer: (a)

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In the answers of sample4 if you have any doubts in solving these 10 questions you can fill-up the Comments box below, so that we can help you.

Answers of Sample4

1. (a)

2. (d)

3. (c)

4. (d)

5. (c)

6. (b)

7. (a)

8. (c)

9. (d)

10. (a)

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