Adding Decimals

Adding decimals is just same like adding as usual.

How to add decimal number?

To add decimal follow the below steps:

 Write down the decimal numbers, one number under the other number and line up the decimal points.

 Convert the given decimals to like decimals.

 Arrange the addends in such a way that the digits of the same place are in the same column.

 Add the numbers from right as we carry addition usually.

 Remember to place the decimal point down in the answer in the same place as the numbers above it.

Worked-out problems to find the sum of the decimal numbers:

Read the above explanation step-by-step and try to understand the examples on addition of decimals.

1. Add the decimals:

(i) 1.83, 21.105, 236.8 and 0.9


We have 1.83 + 21.105 + 236.8 + 0.9

Converting all the addends to like decimals

1.830 + 21.105 + 236.800 + 0.900

Arranging the addends in columns and on adding we get

How to Add Decimals?

Answer: 260.635

(ii) 7.39, 65.007, 213.8 and 91.2


We have 7.39 + 65.007 + 213.8 + 91.2

Converting all the addends to like decimals

7.390 + 65.007 + 213.800 + 91.200

Arranging the addends in columns and on adding we get

Adding Decimals

Answer: 377.397

Word problems on adding decimals:

2. Terry spent $33 and 65 cents on Monday, $21 on Tuesday and $9 and 7 cents on Wednesday. Find the total money spent by her in three days altogether.


Terry spent on Monday = $43 and 65 cents                                = $33.65

She spent on Tuesday = $21                                                   = $21.00

She spent on Wednesday = $9 and 5 cents                                =  $9.07

Therefore, total amount spent by Terry = $(33.65 + 21.00 + 9.07) = $63.72

3. First number is 85.99, second number is 107.81 and the third number is 19.207. Find the sum of the three numbers.


First number = 85.99

Second number = 107.81

Third number = 19.207

Therefore, sum of three numbers = (85.99 + 107.81 + 19.207) = 213.007

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