1st Grade Word Problems on Addition

In 1st grade word problems on addition students can practice the questions on word problems based on addition. This exercise sheet on addition can be practiced by the students to get more ideas to solve the worksheet on word problems on addition.

1. Victor buys 25 candies on the first day and 15 candies on the second day in a fair. How many candies did he buy on both the days?

2. Tom buys 36 stamps and his father has 42 stamps. How many stamps do they have altogether?

3. Mr. Baker bakes 60 cupcakes in the morning and 24 cupcakes in the afternoon. How many cup cakes does the baker bake in all?

4. In a garden there are 45 red flowers, 5 yellow and 2 pink flowers. How many flowers are there in the garden altogether?

5. Rachel and Ana bought bananas. Each bunches has 10 bananas in them. Rachel bought 2 bunches and Ana bought 1 bunch of banana. How many bananas they have altogether?

6. Here is a TRAIN. Its coaches are numbered.

Word Problems on Addition

Each coach carries goats according to its number.

Nitheeya makes new words and finds the number of goats in the coaches.

For example, AN

Addition Word Problems Games

So there are 8 goats in these two coaches.

Find the number of goats in the coaches that form these words.

IN _____

IT _____

AT _____

Can you find the number of goats in the three coaches that form the word RAT? _____

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