1st Grade Word Problems on Subtraction

In 1st grade word problems on subtraction students can practice the questions on word problems based on subtraction. This exercise sheet on subtraction can be practiced by the students to get more ideas to solve the worksheet on word problems on subtraction.

1. Kerry has 9 balloons. She gives 6 balloons to Rebecca. How many balloons will be left with Kerry?

2. There are 7 ducks in a pond. 2 of them move away. How many ducks are left in the pond?

3. Mack bought 9 eggs 3 of them are spoiled. How many good eggs are left with him?

4. Shelly had 9 balls. 6 of them lost. How many balls does Shelly have now?

5. Mary has 8 mangoes. Mary gives 2 mangoes to her brother. How many mangoes are left with Mary?

6. There were 19 fish in the fish tank. Tara took 6 fish and put them in a separate tank. How many fish are left in the tank?

7. The shopkeeper opened one box of 24 crayons. He found 6 crayons were broken. How many crayons were not broken?

8. The postman has 69 letters in his bag. He gives away 31 letters. How many letters are left in his bag?

9. There were 96 new cars ready in a showroom for delivery. 36 customers took the delivery of cars on Saturday. How many cars are left in the showroom?

10. In a toy shop there were 54 teddy bears. The shopkeeper sold 16 teddy bears in a week. How many teddy bears were left with the shopkeeper?

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