Plane and Solid Shapes Worksheet

In Plane and Solid Shapes Worksheet we will solve the problems on basic place shapes and different types of solid shapes. 

I. What shape is this? Tick the correct answer.

II. Write T for true and F for false.

(i) A tomato looks like a cuboid.

(ii) An eraser looks like a cuboid.

(iii) A ball looks like a sphere.                       

(iv) A bottle looks like a cylinder.

III. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A square has ........... sides. 

(ii) A cube has ........... sides.

(iii) A triangle has ........... corners.

(iv) A sphere has ........... sides.            

IV. Mike has many types of items in his storage room. Identify the shape and write it’s name.

Identify the Shapes

V. Colour all the plane shapes:

VI. Match the solid with its name.

Match the Solid Shapes

VII. Tick the objects which have a shape like a cylinder.

Shape Like a Cylinder

VIII. Choose the correct answer and fill in the blanks.

(i) A sphere ............... when pushed on a floor. (slide / roll)

(ii) An eraser ............... when pushed on a floor. (slide / roll)

(iii) A cuboid has six ................ (corners / faces / edges)

(iv) A rectangle has ............... sides equal. (all / opposite)

(v) A cylinder has one ............... face. (curved / flat)

IX. What shape am I?

(i) I have one curved face.

I have one flat face.

My flat face is a circle.

I am a __________.

(ii) I have three faces, two flat and one curved.

I am a __________.

(iii) I have only one face.

If you see me from top, I look like a circle.

From any side I look like a circle.

I am a __________.

(iv) I have eight corners and six faces.

But my all faces look the same.

I am a __________.

X. Answer the following questions.


Edge of a Cuboid

What is this part of a cuboid called?



Face of a Cube

What is this part of a cube called?



Corner of a Cube

What is this part of a cube called?




What is the name of this shape?




What is the name of this shape?




What is the name of this shape?



Cuboid Cylinder

What is the name of this shape?


Jennifer has one cone, one cylinder and a sphere. In all, how many faces are there in these shapes?

Name of the Solid Shape

XII. James has 1 cube. Nancy has 4 cylinders.

Complete the table.

Faces of the Solid Shape

Who has more faces of solids?   ___________

XIII. Sorting Solid Shapes

Sorting Solid Shapes

See this picture. It has many objects. Write the number of each object in the box of its solid shape.







Its Number






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