Worksheet on Multiplication of Fractions

In worksheet on multiplication of fractions, the questions are based on multiplying fractions; finding products; simplifying fractions to its lowest terms and also word problems on multiplying fractions. This exercise sheet on multiply fractions has different types of questions that can be practiced by the seventh grade math students to get more ideas to solve all types of questions in worksheet on multiplication of fractions.

1. Multiply the fractions: 

(i) 7/11 by 3/5

(ii) 3/5 by 25 

(iii) 3⁴/₁₅ by 24 

(iv) 3¹/₈ by 4\(\frac{10}{11}\)

2. Find the product of the fractions: 

(i) 4/7 × 14/25

(ii) 7¹/₂ × 2⁴/₁₅

(iii) 3⁶/₇ × 4²/₃

(iv) 6¹¹/₁₄ × 3¹/₂

3. Simplify the fractions:

(i) 12/25 × 15/28 × 35/36

(ii) 10/27 × 39/56 × 28/65

(iii) 2²/₁₇ × 7²/₉ × 1³³/₅₂

4. Find the product of the fractions:

(i) 1/2 of 4²/₉

(ii) 5/8 of 9²/₃

(iii) 2/3 of 9/16

5. Which is greater?

1/2 of 6/7 or 2/3 of 3/7

6. Find:

(i) 7/11 of $ 330

(ii) 5/9 of 108 meters

(iii) 3/7 of 42 litres

(iv) 1/12 of an hour

(v) 5/6 of a year

(vi) 3/20 of a kg

(vii) 7/20 of a litre

(viii) 5/6 of a day

(ix) 2/7 of a week

7. Sara plants 4 saplings in a row in her garden. The distance between two adjacent saplings is 3/4 m. Find the distance between the first and the last sapling.

8. Ronald reads 1/3 part of a book in 1 hour. How much part of the book will he read in 2¹/₅ hours?

9. Laura reads a book for 1³/₄ hours every day. She reads the entire book in 6 days. How many hours in all were required by her to read the book?

10. Find the area of a rectangular park which is 41²/₃ m long and 18³/₅ m broad.

11. If milk is available at $ 17³/₄ per litre, find the cost of 7²/₅ litres of milk.

12. Sharon can walk 8¹/₃ km in one hour. How much distance will she cover in 2²/₅ hours?

13. A sugar bag contains 30 kg of sugar. After consuming bag ²/₃ of it, how much sugar is left in the bag?

14. Each side of a square is 6²/₃ m long. Find its area.

15. There are 45 students in a class and 3/5 of them are boys. How many girls are there in the class?

Students can check the answers of the worksheet on multiplication of fractions given below to make sure that the answers are correct. 


1. (i) 21/55

(ii) 15

(iii) 78²/₅

(iv) 15¹⁵/₄₄

2. (i) 8/25

(ii) 17

(iii) 18

(iv) 23³/₄

3. (i) 1/4

(ii) 1/9

(iii) 25

4. (i) 2¹/₉

(ii) 6¹/₂₄

(iii) 3/8

5. 1/2 of 6/7

6. (i) $ 210

(ii) 60 meters

(iii) 18 litres

(iv) 5 minutes

(v) 10 months

(vi) 150 gms

(vii) 350 ml

(viii) 20 hours

(ix) 2 days

7. 3 m

8. 11/15

9. 10¹/₂ hours

10. 775 m²

11. $ 131⁷/₂₀

12. 20 km

13. 10 kg

14. 44⁴/₉ m²

15. 18

If students have any queries regarding the questions given in the worksheet on multiplication of fractions, please fill-up the comment box so that we can help you.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.



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