Worksheet on Division of Fractions

In worksheet on division of fractions, the questions are based on dividing fractions; to find the reciprocal of the fractions and to classify them as proper, improper and whole numbers; simplifying fractions to its lowest form (if needed) and also word problems on dividing fractions. This exercise sheet on divide the fractions has different types of questions that can be practiced by the seventh grade math students to get more ideas to solve all types of questions in worksheet on division of fractions.

1. Find the reciprocal of each of the following fractions and classify them as proper, improper and whole numbers: 

(i) 3/7 

(ii) 5/8 

(iii) 9/7 

(iv) 6/5 

(v) 12/7 

(vi) 1/8 

(vii) 1/11

2. Divide the fractions: 

(i) 3/8 by 5/9

(ii) 7/12 by 3/4

(iii) 1/2 by 2/5

(iv) 3¹/₄ by 2/3

(v) 7/8 by 4¹/₂

(vi) 6¹/₄ by 2³/₅

3. Dividing fractions:

(i) 3/8 by 4

(ii) 9/16 by 6

(iii) 9 by 3/16

(iv) 10 by 100/3

4. Simplify the fractions:

(i) 3/10 + 10/3

(ii) 4³/₅ + 4/5

(iii) 5⁴/₇ + 1³/₁₀

(iv) 4 ÷ 2²/₅

(v) 2/5 + 1¹/₂

(vi) 3¹/₅ + 1²/₃

(vii) 2¹/₅ + 1¹/₅

(viii) 4³/₇ + 3¹/₂

5. A wire of length 12¹/₂ m is cut into 10 pieces of equal length. Find the length of each piece.

6. The length of a rectangular plot of area 65¹/₃ m² is 12¹/₄ m. What is the width of the plot?

7. By what number should 6²/₉ be multiplied to get 4⁴/₉?

8. The product of two numbers is 25⁵/₆. If one of the numbers is 6²/₃, find the other.

9. The cost of 6¹/₄ kg of apples is $ 400. At what rate per kg are the apples being sold?

10. By selling oranges at the rate of $ 5¹/₄ per orange, a fruit-seller gets $ 630. How many dozens of oranges does he sell?

11. In mid-day meal scheme 3/10 litre of milk is given to each student of a primary school. If 30 litres of milk is distributed every day in the school, how many students are there in the school?

12. In a charity show $ 6496 were collected by selling some tickets. If the price of each ticket was $ 50³/₄, how many tickets were sold?

Students can check the answers of the worksheet on division of fractions given below to make sure that the answers are correct. 


1. (i) 7/3, improper

(ii) 8/5, improper

(iii) 7/9, proper

(iv) 5/6, proper

(v) 7/12 proper

(vi) 8, whole number

(vii) 11, whole number

2. (i) 27/40

(ii) 7/9

(iii) 1¹/₄

(iv) 4⁷/₈

(v) 7/36

(vi) 2²¹/₂₂

3. (i) 3/32

(ii) 3/32

(iii) 48

(iv) 3/10

4. (i) 9/100

(ii) 5³/₄

(iii) 4²/₇

(iv) 1²/₃

(v) 4/15

(vi) 1²³/₂₅

(vii) 1⁵/₆

(viii) 1¹³/₄₉

5. 1¹/₄ m

6. 5¹/₃ m

7. 5/7

8. 3⁷/₈

9. $ 64

10. 10 dozens

11. 100 students

12. 128

If students have any queries regarding the questions given in the worksheet on division of fractions, please fill-up the comment box so that we can help you.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.



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