Worksheet on Changing Fractions

The questions in math worksheet on changing fractions are mainly from changing an improper fraction to a whole or mixed fraction, changing a mixed fraction to an improper fraction and changing a whole number into an improper fraction.

1. Write the mixed number for:

worksheet on changing fractions

2. Put a circle around the improper fraction and change them into mixed fractions: 

⁹/₂ ,   ⁸/₉ ,   ⁷/₃ ,   ¹²/₇ ,   ¹³/₆ ,   ⁶/₁₃ ,   ⁷/₃ ,   ⁸/₅ ,   ⁵/₈ ,   ⁴/₇ ,   ⁷/₄ ,   ⁵/₉

3. Write the improper fraction as a whole number: 

(a) ⁵/₁

(b) ⁸/₂

(c) ⁹/₃

(d) ¹⁴/₁₄

(e) ⁶/₆

(f) ⁸/₁

(g) ¹²/₃

(h) ¹⁵/₅

4. Fill in the blanks:

(a) 5⁷/₈ = \(\frac{.....}{8}\)

(b) 3⁴/₅ = \(\frac{.....}{5}\)

(c) 6¹/₇ = \(\frac{.....}{7}\)

(d) 3⁵/₆ = \(\frac{23}{.....}\)

(e) 5²/₉ = \(\frac{47}{.....}\)

(f) 7²/₃ = \(\frac{.....}{3}\)

(g) 8 = \(\frac{8}{.....}\)

(h) 12 = \(\frac{.....}{1}\)

5. Changing into improper fractions :

(a) 7⁸/₉

(b) 5⁸/₁₁

(c) 3⁹/₁₃

(d) 6²/₇

(e) 6³/₈

(f) 9²/₉

(g) 2⁸/₁₃

(h) 7⁷/₉

6. Change whole numbers to improper fraction and improper fraction to whole numbers:

7, \(\frac{8}{2}\), \(\frac{5}{5}\), 6, \(\frac{6}{3}\), \(\frac{10}{5}\), 9, 2. 

7. Solve these problems:

(a)Tina ate ⁵/₄ cake. So she had really eaten ______ cakes.
(b) I love walking. I took 4¹/₄ rounds of the park. How many quarters of the park did I walk?

8. Shelly drank ⁵/² glasses of milk which was really _______ glasses.

9. Ron ran ⁷/₃ km and was tired. He had really run ______ km.

10. One slab of chocolate was divided was divided into 8 equal parts. Maria ate II parts. How much had she really eaten?

Answers for the worksheet on changing fractions are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions on fractions.

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