Worksheet on Subtraction of Fractions having the Same Denominator

In worksheet on subtraction of fractions having the same denominator, all grade students can practice the questions on subtracting fractions. This exercise sheet on fractions can be practiced by the students to get more ideas how to subtract fractions with the same denominators.

1. Subtract: 

(i) 7/9 – 2/9

(ii) 28/51 – 23/51

(iii) 29/45 – 26/45

(iv) 14/17 – 4/17

(v) 18/25 – 16/25

(vi) 15/19 – 12/19

(vii) 13/16 – 5/8 ⇒ [= 13/16 – 10/16 = 3/16]

(viii) 15/22 – 7/11

(ix) 3/7 – 3/14

(x) 15/32 – 3/8

(xi) 5/13 – 3/26.

2. Subtract the given.

(i) \(\frac{9}{17 }\) - \(\frac{5}{17}\) = 

(ii) \(\frac{19}{23}\) - \(\frac{11}{23}\) = 

(iii) \(\frac{24}{30}\) - \(\frac{9}{30}\) = 

(iv) \(\frac{8}{7}\) - \(\frac{2}{7}\) = 

(v) \(\frac{35}{37}\) - \(\frac{23}{37}\) = 

(vi) \(\frac{16}{21}\) - \(\frac{4}{21}\) = 

3. What should be subtracted from 20/31 to get 11/31? 

Worksheet on Subtraction of Like Fractions

If students have any queries regarding the Worksheet on expanded form of a number questions please fill-up the comment box below so that we can help you. 

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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