Worksheet on Fractional Numbers

In math worksheet on fractional numbers students will recall the examples learned in fractions and then practice step-by-step how to solve different questions on fractions.

1. In a fraction ²/₇, into how many parts is the whole divided? 

2. In the fraction ³/₈, how many parts are taken? 

3. The larger fraction of ¹/₆, ¹/₇, ¹/₅ is ____________.

4. The improper fraction in the group ⁵/⁷, 7, ⁷/₃ is ____________.

5. ³⁶/₅₄ in the lowest term is ____________.

6. The fraction ²³/₅ expressed as a mixed number is ____________.

7. If the number 8 is expressed as an improper fraction, the denominator is ____________.

8. What is the whole number for ¹³/₁₃?

9. How many quarters are there in a whole?

10. A ribbon is 30 cm long. As a fraction of a meter it is ____________.

Answers for the worksheet on fractional numbers are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions on fractional numbers. 

 Fractional Numbers - worksheets

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