Measuring Length

We will discuss about measuring length. Suppose children are running a race of 100 meter (m). Sam is measuring the height of the wall in meters. The length is measured in meters.  A meter is too long to be drawn here. Small lengths are measured in centimeters. Ron is measuring the width of his book in centimeters.

100 centimeters equal 1 meter


1 meter equal 100 centimeters

We write centimeter in short form as ‘cm’ and meter as ‘m’. So we can write in short as;

100 (cm) equal 1 (m)


1 (m) equal 100 (cm)

The following are three kinds of meter scales generally used by everyone.

(i) A meter rod which is made of iron or wood is used by cloth merchants for measuring cloth.

(ii) A meter scale is used by masons or carpenters.

(iii) A meter scale is used by tailors.

Extra questions for sharp students on measuring length!

1. Write meter or centimeter in the blank space:

(i) My pencil is 10 ____________ long.

(ii) My height is 90 ____________.

(iii) Our classroom is 5 ____________ long.

(iv) This tree is 3 ____________ high.

(v) My hair pin is 3 ____________ long.

2. Measure the following length is centimeters:


Students need to use the ruler or scales to measure the length.

3. Measure the following:

     AB is ____ centimeters long.

     EF is ____ centimeters long.

     MN is ____ centimeters long.

     XY is ____ centimeters long.

4. A train is 150 meters long and the platform at the station is 285 meters long. How far does the train travel in crossing the platform?

5. A cloth is sold at $7 a meter. Find the price of 65 meters of the same cloth?

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