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1. The physician orders megestrol acetate 750 milligrams per day. The megestrol acetate label reads oral suspension 40 milligrams per milliliter. Give how much?

2. Give Deluded 100 milligrams IM from a vial that is labeled 50 milligrams per milliner every 4 hours. Give how much? 

3. Ordered: Atropine sulfate 0.6 milligram IM every 4 hours Have Atropine sulfate 0.4 milligrams per milliliter. Give how much? 

4. The physician has ordered calcitonin-salmon 500 units IM for the client. The calcitonin-salmon vial reads 200 International Units per milliliter. Give how much? 

5. The physician has ordered adrenalin 0.9 milligrams sub-Q stat. The adrenalin label reads 1 : 1000 solutions. Give how much? 

6. Ordered: cefotetan disodium 1.25 grams every 24 hours piggy-back IV Have: Cefotetan disodium 1 gram in 50 milliliters. Give how much? 

7. The physician has ordered magnesium sulfate 4 grams stat. The magnesium sulfate vial is labeled 50% solution. Give how much? 

8. Give butorphanol tart rate 1.5 milligrams IV for the client every 3-4 hours. The butorphanol drug label reads 2 milligrams per milliliter. Give how much? 

9. The physician orders Imitrex 5 milligrams sub-Q as needed for headache for the client. The Imitrex drug label on the vial reads 12 milligrams per milliliter. Round to the nearest hundredth. Give how much? 

10. Cala cut 2 1/2 inches off her hair three times last year how much longer would her hair have been at the end of the year if she had not cut it? 

11. What is the perimeter of a rectangle with vertices at (-4,-4) and (-4,4) (4,4) (4,-4)? 

12. What is the area of a quadrilateral with the vertices (0,0) (4,0) (6,3) and (2,3)? 

13. 2 yd + 3 ft write the sum in yards. 

14. The temperature rose from -18 to 19how many degrees did the temperature increase? 15. 2 meters + 100 centimeters write the answer in meters. 

16. Suppose x and y vary inversely. Write a function that models each inverse variation. Graph the function and find y when x=10. What’s the domain and range of the function? Identify the asymptotes. x=3 and y=12. 

17. David has a box with 5 green markers and 3 red markers. He chooses a marker at random and does not return it to the box he then chooses another marker at random. What is the probability that David chooses a green marker followed by a red marker? 

18. If the average retail price of gas sold at the pump in Chicago increased from $4.50 per gallon on 1/1/2012 to $6.50 per gallon on 9/1/2012, what is the corresponding annual percentage increase in the price of gasoline? 

19. There are 4 boys and 5 girls running for class president. Mr. Santos will choose 1 boy and 1 girl. How many different combinations of 1 boy and 1 girl can be chosen? 

20. An 100 lb force acts of the end of the 24 inch lever as shown. (You may need to scroll down to see drawing.) Determine the moment of the force about the bottom end of the lever. F = 100 lb L = 24 in theta = 60 degrees alpha = 30 degrees Report your answer to the nearest whole number. Assume that the moment is positive if it rotates in the counter-clockwise direction. 

21. Bobbi Jo and Chaz run a photography business that specializes in engagement photos and senior portraits. Bobbi Jo takes the photos and Chaz does the editing. Each engagement session takes 4 hours of work from Bobbi Jo and 4 hours of work from Chaz. Each senior portrait session takes Bobbi Jo 2 hours and Chaz 4 hours. Bobbi Jo goes to school full-time and is limited to working no more than 16 hours per week. Chaz’s girlfriend says he can’t work more than 24 hours per week. Bobbi Jo and Chaz know at least one couple will want engagement photos done each week. Bobbi Jo and Chaz charge $150 for engagement photos and $100 for senior portraits. How can Bobbi Jo and Chaz earn the most money? 

22. If product of (1+2), (2+3), and (3+4) is equal to one-half the sum of 20 and X, what is the value of X? 

23. An engine piston has a diameter of 9.2 cm, with a tolerance on 0.01 cm. what absolute value inequality represents the range of values for the diameter of the piston?

24. A survey is taken and finds that 5,000 people in town would vote for candidate A. the survey company says their results are accurate within 3%. Write an absolute value inequality with X as the possible survey results.

25. To ride you have to be 4 1/2 feet tall but no taller than 6 1/2 feet. How can you write this as an absolute value inequality?

26. The dimensions of a rectangle are multiplied by an unknown value, k. The area of the original rectangle is 525 cm squared. the area of the new rectangle is 21 cm squared. if the width of the original rectangle is 25 cm squared. what is the width of the new rectangle?

27. Aleah left Edmonton and drove toward Blue River BC at a speed of 110 km/hr. Michaela left Blue River at the same time and drove toward Edmonton at a speed of 100km/hr. If Blue River is 700km from Edmonton how far had they each driven when they passed each other on the highway?

28. If two similar cubes have an edge ratio of 3:2, what would be the ratio of their volumes?

29. Joe wants to have a 40% alcohol solution. He has an unknown amount of a 10% solution and 40 liters of a 50% solution. He has to mix the two solutions. What is the unknown amount? Round to two decimal places and also include the unit.

30. During the four periods of a baseball game you scored 15, 8, 27 and 25 points respectively. Find the average number of points scored per period. Answer in units of points.

31. Your favorite author has published a series of 5 science fiction books. Each book costs $4.50. The book store is offering the whole series for $21. What is the cost per book for the series? Answer in units of dollars.

32. You signed up for 18 dance lessons. The total cost for the lessons is $120. What is the cost per lesson? We had put $6.67 but it wasn't right when i went to put it in the computer for homework. Is there another way to do this problem?

33. You went to buy a TV there was a 25 discount. You can get an additional 10 discount for the floor model and another 5 for paying in cash. The discounts are applied successively and you paid 371.93 for the TV. What was the original price?

34. When Christopher Columbus was 41 years old he sailed across the Atlantic ocean for the first time. He went on his final expedition 10 years later, which took 2 years. He died 2 years after his final expedition ended, in 1506. What year was Columbus Born?

35. An equilateral triangle has perimeter 54 inches. What would be the perimeter of a square whose sides each measure the same length as the side of the triangle? 

36. A personal identification number (PIN) consists of four digits. Digits are allowed to be used more than once. How many possible PINs are there? 

37. A shark swims at a rate of 18 feet per second while chasing his prey and then slows down to a rate of 7 feet per second. The shark chases his prey for t seconds and then swims at the slower speed for s seconds, and covers a total distance of 1200 feet. If all traveling is done in the same direction, which equation best describes this information? 

38. A fund raising charity sponsored a 15K boat race; the winner of the race will be award $50. 40 people entered the race; every entrant paid a $20 fee. Assuming they are all equally likely to win, what is a fair price for the competition? 

39. A parking meter contains quarters and dimes worth $7.85. There are 41 coins in all. Find how many of each there are.

40. Ticket to a school play was $21 each. but performers and student volunteer can get a ticket for a half price. for the performance , there were 20 performers, 40 student, and 270 audiences attending it. what was the amount collected for the night?


42. The length of a rectangular piece of steel in a bridge is 4 meters less than double the width. The perimeter of the piece of steel is 34 meters. Find the length and the width.

43. Each lab counts once and each test counts as two labs. At the end of the semester there is a final lab that counts as 3 regular lads. Danielle received scores 90, 94, 97 on her labs, and scores of 93 and 99 on her tests. What must she get on the final lab to receive an A is 95.

44. A designer plans the top of a rectangular workbench to be four times as long as it is wide and then determines if the width is 1500 mm greater and the length is 4500 mm less, it would be a square. What are its dimensions?

45. Each day the exchange rate between U. S. dollars and foreign currency changes. One day, 4 dollars were equivalent to approximately 3 euro. On the same day 3 euro were equivalent to approximately 168.37 Indian rupees. To the nearest rupee, how many Indian rupees are equivalent to 1 dollar?

A) 25 rupees B) 37 rupees C) 42 rupees D) rupees

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