We will discuss here about an Angle.

Let us recall about the ray. It has only one end point. The arrow shows that it is extended indefinitely in one direction.

When two rays meet at a point, they form an angle. In the given figure, OA and OB are rays. They meet at a common point O and form an angle named AOB. An angle is represented by the symbol (∠AOB).

The inside space between the arms in known as the interior of the angle. The outside space is called the exterior of the angle.

We name the angles by using any point on one ray, the vertex and ray point on the other ray. We name an angle with the vertex in the middle. For example, the above mentioned angle is represented by ∠AOB.

What is an angle?

When two sides or line-segments are inclined and meet at a point, then this inclination is called an angle.

A polygon has as many angles as number of sides or number of vertices. The triangle has 3 angles, quadrilateral has 4 angles, pentagon has 5 angle, etc.

The angles have different measures.

When a side or line-segment meets another side or line-segment in such a way that one stands upright on the other, then the inclination between the two is called a right angle.

Right Angle

Right Angle

If the inclination is less than the right angle, then it is called an acute angle.

Acute Angle

Acute Angle

If the inclination is more than the right angle, then it is called an obtuse angle.

Obtuse Angle

Obtuse Angle

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