Worksheet on Dividing Monomials

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on dividing monomials. The questions are based on dividing the term of the monomial by the term of the monomial and then simplify.

Note: When we divide two monomials we need to divide their coefficients and then divide their variables. In case of exponents with the same base we need to subtract their powers since we know that division is related to subtraction.

1. Divide a monomial by a monomial:

(i) 27x2 ÷ 9x

(ii) 14m2n2 ÷ 7mn

(iii) 15a4b3 ÷ 12a2b

(iv) 48m2n ÷ (-12mn2)

(v) (-76a2b3c) ÷ (-19abc)

(vi) 24m2n4 ÷ 6m2n

(vii) 27x4 ÷ (–x2)

(viii) abz2 ÷ (-az)

(ix) (-35m6) ÷ 7m3

(x) m^3n3 ÷ m2n

2. Simplify the division of the monomials:

(i) (3a3) ÷ (a2)

(ii) (4x2y2z3) ÷ (xy2z2)

(iii) (12p6q6r6) ÷ (-3p4q2r)

(iv) (-x5z9) ÷ (-xz3)

(v) (15a5b7c4) ÷ (5a2b2c2)

(vi) (-16m3n2) ÷ (-4mn2)

(vii) (-48x9) ÷ (-8x3)

(viii) (35m11) ÷ (7m7)

(ix) (63p7q8r3) ÷ (9p5q5r3)

(x) (7x2yz) ÷ (-7x2yz)

3. Divide first monomial by the second monomial:

(i) 14ab, 2b

(ii) 45x2z, 3z

(iii) 12ax4y, 6x4

(iv) 15u7, (-u5)

(v) 18mn4, 3mn

(vi) 56a4b3, 7a2b

(vii) 102a3bc, 2bc

(viii) (-80w4yz), 10w3z

(ix) 48x2y4, (-8xy)

(x) 45a3b2, 9ab2

4. Divide the following monomials and write the answer in simplest form:

(i) (36ab) ÷ (-9b)

(ii) (28p4q3) ÷ (-4p3q)

(iii) (16p2ba2) ÷ (-2ab)

(iv) (-50a3b3) ÷ (-5a3b)

(v) (-36a4m5n6) ÷ (4a3m2n2)

(vi) (16m) ÷ (-4)

(vii) (20a2) ÷ (5a)

(viii) (30y2) ÷ (-10y2)

(ix) (14x3y3) ÷ (2x2)

(x) (50m2n4) ÷ (2mn2)

Answers for the worksheet on dividing monomials are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions on division of monomials.


1. (i) 3x

(ii) 2mn


(iv) -(4m)/n

(v) 4ab2

(vi) 4n3

(vii) -27x

(viii) -bz

(ix) -5m3

(x) mn2

2. (i) 3a

(ii) 4xz

(iii) -4p2q4r5

(iv) x4z6

(v) 3a3b5c2

(vi) 4m2

(vii) 6x6

(viii) 5m4

(ix) 7p2q3

(x) -1

3. (i) 7a

(ii) 15x2

(iii) 2ay

(iv) -15u2

(v) 6n3

(vi) 8a2b2

(vii) 51a3

(viii) -8wy

(ix) -6xy3

(x) 5a2

4. (i) -4a

(ii) -7pq2

(iii) -8p2a

(iv) 10b2

(v) -9am3n4

(vi) -4m

(vii) 4a

(viii) -3

(ix) 7xy3

(x) 25mn2

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