Worksheet on Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

Practice the problems given in the worksheet on addition and subtraction of polynomials. The questions are based on word problems on adding and subtracting polynomials.

1. Solve the following polynomials:

(i)Take –pq + qr – rp from qr – rp + pq

(ii) Take 5a + 6b – 3c from 3a + 5b – 4c

2. (i) How much is -3k less than 3k?

(ii) How much is 2a + b greater than a – 2b?

(iii) What should be added to 2p – q + r to make it p + q – 2r?

3. From the sum of 3x - 2y + 4z and 3y – 2z, subtract x - y - z.

4. Subtract a – 2b – c from the sum of 3a – b + c and a + b – 3c.

5. How much should a + 2b – 3c be increased to get 3a?

6. The sum of two expressions is 3x2 + 2xy – y2. If one of them is 2x2 + 3y2, find the other.

7. From the sum of 4b2 + 5bc, -2b2 – 2bc – 2z2 and 2bc + 4c2, subtract the sum of 5b2 – c2 and -3b2 + 2bc + c2.

8. What should be subtracted from 3x + 5y + 9 to get - 2x + 3y + 15?

9. What should be taken away from p2 – q2 + 2pq + 10 to obtain – 2p2 – 2q2 + 7pq + 10?

10. By how much must 5p2 – 3q2 be diminished to give 2p2 + q2?

11. Subtract 2m – 5q + 7 from 4p + 2q and add your result to m2 – 3m3 + m - 1.

12. Subtract 2a2b – 3b2 from 3a2 – 5ab2 + 2b2 and subtract your result from the sum of the two expressions 3ab2 + 5b2 – 2a2b and a2b + 5a2 – 3ab2.

Answers for the worksheet on addition and subtraction of polynomials are given below to check the exact answers of the above word problems.


1. (i) 2pq

(ii) -2a – b - c

2. (i) 6k

(ii) a + 3b

(iii) -p + 2q – 3r

3. 2x + 2y + 3z

4. 3a + 2b - c

5. 2a – 2b + 3c

6. x2 + 2xy – 4y2

7. 3bc + 2c2

8. 5x + 2y - 6

9. 3p2 + q2 – 5pq

10. 3p2 – 4q2

11. 4p + 7q – m + m2 – 3m3 - 8

12. 2a2 + a2b + 5ab2

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