Worksheet on Calculating Time

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on calculating time. Learn how to solve different problems on calculating time.

We know, the formula to calculate time = distance/speed.

1. Mohan drives a car at a uniform speed of 60 km/hr; find the time taken by him to cover 280 km?

2. The speed of sound in air is 330 m/sec. how long will the sound take to travel 198 km?

3. Sam walks 2 km in 30 minutes. How much time will he take to cover 400m?

4. Mohan cycle and covers a certain distance at the rate of 6 km/hr in 1 1/2 hours. How much time will be taken by him if he covers the same distance by scooter at the rate of 10 km/hr?

5. A man is walking at a speed of 12 km/hr after every km , he takes rest for 2 minutes. How much time will it take to cover a distance of 6 km?

6. A car covers a distance of 30 km in 12 minutes. Find the time taken by it to cover the same distance if its speed is increased by 10 km/hr.

7. A car is running at 56 km/hr. what time will it take to cover 560 meters?

Answers for the worksheet on calculating time are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions on different problems.


1. 4 hours 40 minutes                          

2. 10 minutes    

3. 6 minutes

4. 54 minutes

5. 40 minutes

6. 11 min 15 sec

7. 36 sec

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