Reflection Symmetry

If we place a mirror on the line of symmetry we can see the complete image. So, we find that the mirror image or reflection of the image in the mirror and the given figure are exactly symmetrical.

Reflection Symmetry
Reflection Symmetry

 This type of symmetry is called reflection symmetry.

The mirror line is the line of symmetry between the two figures. The mirror image of an object is the same but it appears in the opposite direction.

Mirror Line of Symmetry

We note that the shapes in the above pictures are same but the other way round.

Questions and Answers on Reflection Symmetry:

1. Circle the mirror image of the figure on the left of the dotted line.

Mirror Image - Symmetry


2. Assume the dotted line to be the mirror. draw what would be seen in the mirror if the image in front is given.


Mirror Image


Symmetry Mirror Image



Reflection Symmetry Math


Reflection Symmetry Images

3. Complete the given images by drawing the symmetrical half on the other side.

Symmetrical Half


Symmetrical Half Images

4. What will be the mirror image for the given?

Reflection Symmetry Mirror Images


Reflection Symmetry Images

Note: Reflection symmetry is also known as mirror symmetry or line symmetry.

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