Number Dot to Dot

These number dot to dot (or connect the dots worksheets) printable helps the kids to practice numbers while counting and joining the dot numbers to get a complete picture. These dot to dots worksheets are free for kids to play number games. These number dot to dot worksheets help the kids to recognize the numbers and understand the number orders to get the exact picture. Kids will enjoy practicing this basic math worksheet which will also help them in learning numbers.

Kids printable activities on numbers help the kids to join numbers from dot to dots or connect the dots to encourage the kids to learn numbers and also increase their counting skills for beginners, preschoolers, kindergarten, early elementary, primary and first grade kids

A. Join the dots from 1 to 40 in sequence and complete the picture. Then color it.

Click here to connect the dots .

Connect the Dots Worksheets

B. Join the numbers or join the dots in order to complete the picture. 

After joining color the picture colorfully using different colors. 

Click here to join the number dot to dot. 

dot to dots coloring sheets

Answer the questions observing the picture carefully:

1. Which is the smallest number in the picture?

2. Which is the biggest number in the picture?

3. Name the animal after drawing the picture.

4. Color the picture.

C. Join the number dot to dot to find the magic picture. Begin to join the dots with number 70.

Click here to join the dots.

join the number dots

Answer the questions observing the picture carefully:

1. Which is the smallest number in the picture?

2. Which is the biggest number in the picture?

3. Color the picture.

D. Join the numbers 1 to 50 and colour the picture.

Join the Numbers 1 to 50

Printable worksheet on number dot to dot helps the kids to join the dots in serially with the help of pencil and then grab your favorite crayons or markers or water colors and enjoy coloring the sheet beautifully.

Parents and teachers can take the print out of this free worksheet so that children can practice this activity which includes learning numbers in order, counting numbers, drawing as well as using their creativity while coloring the picture. These free printable math worksheets can be access from any part of the world at any point of time.

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