Number Games

In the number games we need to find the exact number that is hidden in the number table. Kids need to carefully read the question and then find the exact number from the number table and fill up the blank spaces. To make sure that the number is used, color the number using red in the table.

For example: Children can see that one is done for them to get the exact idea how to do and then follow the number table chart how that number is colored.

Number Games to find the Hidden Numbers:

Read and color red the following in the number table below to find the hidden number:

  (a) above 55   45                               (m) left of 69   ____

  (b) left of 53   ____                            (n) below 48   ____

  (c) right of 43   ____                          (o) right of 49   ____

  (d) below 32   ____                            (p) above 76   ____

  (e) above 86   ____                            (q) above 90   ____

  (f) right of 73   ____                           (r) left of 50   ____

  (g) below 60   ____                             (s) right of 53   ____

  (h) left of 57   ____                            (t) left of 63   ____

  (i) below 38   ____                              (u) below 36   ____

  (j) right of 59   ____                            (v) above 74   ____

  (k) below 62   ____                              (w) below 65   ____

  (l) right of 77   ____                             (x) right of 78   ____

Number Games

Number table is very useful for kids to understand the sides, above and below. Kids can practice this worksheet on number games to get idea about the right side, left side, above and below in the real life by playing with the numbers. Take the print-out of the number table and then practice this sheet with fun.

Numbers - Worksheet

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Number Games

First Grade Math Activities

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