Comparison of Integers

We know that on a number line the number on the right is always greater than the number on the left. Same applies for integers also.  -1 > -2, -2 > -3 and so on.

Integers on Number Line

From the above number line we can say that 0 separates the positive and negative integers. 0 is on the left of all the positive integers. So, 0 is less than every positive integer. 0 is on the right of all the negative integers. So, 0 is greater than every negative integer. All the positive integers are greater than negative integers.

Comparison of integers: When we represent integers on the number line, we observe that the value of the number increases as we move towards right and decreases as we move towards left. 

Comparison of Integers

                                             1 < 2 < 3 …..             

                                            -1 > -2 > ……

The whole numbers are on the right side of the 0 and in the left side of the 0 there are negative numbers.


(i) Zero is less than every positive integer, and greater than every negative integer. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

For example, 0 < 1, 0 < 10, etc.

Also 0 > -1, 0 > -5, etc.

(ii) Every positive integer is greater than every negative integer.

For example, 2 > -2, 2 > -1, 1 > -1 etc.

(iii) There is no greatest or smallest integer.

(iv) The smallest positive integer is 1 and the greatest negative integer is -1. 

Solved Examples on Comparison of Integers:

1. Which is greater +1 or -6?


Since +1 lies to the right of 0 on the number line. +1 is greater than -6.

2. Which is greater -27 or -34?


-34 is 34 units away to the left of 0. -27 is 27 units away to the left of 0. So, -27 is to the right of -34. -27 > -34.

3. Arrange +27, -32, +16 and -12 in ascending order.


Let us mark the integers on the number line.

Comparison of Integers

Thus, the integers in ascending order are -33, -15, +18, +29

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