Removal of Brackets

Removal of brackets in order to simplify expressions involving more than one bracket, we use the following steps:


See whether the given expression contains a vinculum or not. If a vinculum is present, then perform operations under it. Otherwise go to next step.


See the innermost bracket and perform operations within it.


Remove the innermost bracket by using following rules:

Rule 1: If a bracket is preceded by a plus sign, remove it by writing its terms as they are.

Rule 2: If a bracket is preceded by a minus sign, change positive signs within it to negative and vice-versa.

Rule 3: If there is no sign between a number and a grouping symbol, then it means multiplication.

Rule 4: If there is a number before some brackets then we multiply the number inside the brackets with the number outside the brackets.


See the next innermost bracket and perform operations within it. Remove the second innermost bracket by using the rules given in step III. Continue this process till all the brackets are removed.

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