Addition Word Problems – 2-Digit Numbers

Basic concept on addition word problems – 2-digit numbers without regrouping for 2nd graders. Students need to read the questions carefully and find the sums of these 2-digit by 2-digit addition problems without carrying.

Follow the steps to solve these addition problems with 2-digit addends.

1. Kelly has 31 candies. Her sister gave her 23 candies. How many candies did Kelly have now altogether?

Add 31 and 23

Number of candies Kelly has = 31

Number of candies her sister gave her = 23

Therefore, total number of candies Kelly have = 31 + 23 = 54

2. Ken gets 43 marks in the first test. He gets 35 marks in the second test. How many marks does he get in all?

Add 43 and 35

Number of marks Ken gets in the first test = 43

Number of marks Ken gets in the second test = 35

Therefore, total number of marks Ken gets in all = 43 + 35 = 78

3. Sam has 51 pencils. His brother Ron has 36 pencils. How many pencils do they have altogether?

Add 51 and 36

Number of pencils Sam has = 51

Number of pencils Ron has = 36

Therefore, total number of pencils do they have in all = 51 + 36 = 87

4. If one number is 39 and the other number is 60. What is the sum of those two numbers?

Add 39 and 60

One number = 39

Other number = 60

Therefore, sum of those two numbers = 39 + 60 = 99

5. In a classroom there are 40 boys and 39 girls. How many students are there in the classroom in all?

Add 40 and 39

Number of boys in the classroom = 40

Number of girls in the classroom = 39

Therefore, total number of students in the classroom = 40 + 39 = 79

These are the five worked-out examples on addition word problems – 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

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