4th Grade Worksheet 12

In 4th grade worksheet 12 let’s solve the 14 different questions on time. These are the practice test questions on the measurement of time.

1. (i) Write the digits of Hindu-Arab System and Roman System of numeration.

(ii) Write the following numbers in Roman System:

(a) 37

(b) 142

(c) 1518

2. (i) Write the greatest and lowest number of six digits.

(ii) Write the following numbers (a) in expanded form (b) in words:

473529,           132476

3. (i) Find the place value of 8 and 3 in the following numbers:

(a) 358629

(b) 92830

(ii) Form the greatest and smallest 4-digit numbers with the digits 2, 8, 0, 5. No digit should be repeated.

(iii) Round 35879 to the nearest thousand.

4. (i) Which is the (a) smallest, (b) the greatest factor of a number?

(ii) Write all the odd and even numbers between 2130 and 2140.

(iii) Find the sum of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 in short method. Give the method also.

5. (i) Explain like and unlike fractions with example.

(ii) Which is the greater fraction?

(a) 9/19, 11/19

(b) 19/9, 19/11

(iii) Change the given fractions into fractions of the same denominator:

(a) 7/2, 11/4

(b) 5/8, 5/4, 11/12

6. (i) What is the sum of 3578, 62853 and 712650?

(ii) What is the difference between 41709 and 47301?

(iii) Find the number which is 245 greater than 3377?

(iv) Find the number which is 2113 less than 13709?

(v) How much smaller is 9781 than 19782?

7. (i) There are 7486 men, 7368 women and 3513 children in a village. Find the total population of the village.

(ii) The sum of two numbers is 7931. If one number is 3752, find the other number.

8. Find the product of:

(i) 267 x 20

(ii) 2578 x 65

(iii) 165 x 653

9. Divide the following:

(i) 98 by 32

(ii) 925 by 53

(iii) 52876 by 58

(iv) 870 ÷ 30

10. (i) Determine the estimated product of 84 x 86 by rounding the first number down and second number up.

(ii) Determine the estimated quotient of 660 ÷ 62.

11. (i) A man goes 5580 metres per hour. Find his speed per minute.

(ii) The cost of a washing machine is $ 6,792 only. Find the cost of 35 such machines.

12. (i) Find the sum of 1 + 2 + 3 ………… + 10 and then

find the sum of 11 + 12 + 13 + ……… + 20


4th Grade Pattern

13. (i) What is a simple closed curve? Give example.

(ii) A circle has diameter of 12 cm. Find the measure of its radius.

(iii) Draw a figure which has only one line of symmetry.

14. Fill in the blanks:

(i) 1 km = ………….. metre = ………………………… cm

(ii) 1 kg = …………………….. gram

(iii) 1 l = …………………….. ml

(iv) 1 hour = ………….......... minutes = …………………….seconds

(v) 1 dollar = ……………….. cents

15. (i) Draw a line-segment of the length 8 cm 5 mm.

(ii) A rectangular field is 300 m long and 150 m wide. Find the measure of its perimeter.

16. (i) Add the following:

12q, 46kg, 350g;           10q, 25kg, 379g

(ii) The cost of one kg of apple is $35. What is the cost of?

(a) 1/2 kg

(b) 3 kg of apple

17. (i) Fill in the blanks:

1 litre = ………………. x 500 ml = …………………. x 200 ml

(ii) Convert 72000 ml into litre.

(iii) A jar contains 1200 ml of honey. How many litres and millilitres of honey is in the jar?

(iv) How many 250 ml measures of milk will fill a 2 litre can?

18. (i) How many minutes pass between 2 o'clock and quarter past 2?

(ii) What date is 14 days before 6th March?

19. (i) Which of the two hands of a clock moves faster- hour hand or minute hand?

(ii) (a) Change 15:25 hour into 12 hour clock time.

(b) Change 00:45 p.m. into 24 hour clock.

(iii) A train leaves Varanasi at 14:10 hours and reaches New Delhi at 06:25 next day. Find the time taken by it to reach New Delhi from Varanasi.

20. (i) Add the following:

4th Grade Addition

(ii) Subtract $57.85 from $100.

(iii) I bought a book for $30.65. Find the price of 12 such books.

21. I bought 6 samosas, 3 packets of potato chips and 3 cups of coffee to entertain my friends. Make a bill for the payment on the basis of the menu.

Make a bill for the payment

22. In a school there are many games played by students. The numbers of students interested in different games are given below:

Football (30), Cricket (40), Badminton (30), Volleyball (10), Chess (8)

Draw a pictograph on the basis of above data and find the following information.

(i) How many students are interested in different games?

(ii) In which game are maximum numbers of students interested?

(iii) In which game are minimum numbers of students interested?

(iv) What is the difference between the number of players interested in volleyball and chess?

23. (i) What is the difference between the values of the two eight in 878615?

(ii) Write the numerals for the smallest possible five-digit number formed by the digits 4, 3, 7, 0 and 9.

24. A boy is 10 years old. How old was he 2 years before?

25. How many minutes are there in three hours?

If students have any queries regarding the questions on 4th grade worksheet 12 please fill-up the comment box so that we can help you.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated. 

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