4th grade worksheet 3

In 4th grade worksheet 3 let’s solve the 10 questions

1. In a division sum, the divisor is 9, the quotient is 41 and the remainder is 7. Find the dividend.

2. How many bundles of 8 books can be made out of 400 books and how many will be left out ?

3. (i) How many times can 8 be subtracted from 24 ?

(ii) Fill in the gaps :

(a) 172 ÷ 172 =______ 

b) 0 ÷ 102 =

(iii) Write two multiplication facts for 15 ÷ 3 = 5

4. How many plane surfaces, curved surfaces, vertices and edges have the following geometrical shapes :

(i) cube

(ii) cylinder

(iii) sphere

5. What is a line, a ray, a line-segment and plane ?

6. What do you mean by :

(i) a triangle

(ii) a rectangle

(iii) a circle

7. (i) Convert 15 m 25 cm into cm.

(ii) Convert 2475 cm into m and cm.

(iii) Convert 7 km 375 m into m.

(iv) Convert 9475 m into km and m.

(v) How many metres are there in 9 km ?

8. Add:

4th grade worksheet 3

9. Subtract:

4th Grade Homework Sheets

10. (i) How many grams are there in a kilogram ?

4th Grade Homework Sheets

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